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    Bound & Gagged Dead Dude

    I hope this is fkn real...:stroke:
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    :aha: ~ hope I don't scare too many kiddies, lol
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    Latino bulge... :not sure:
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    .....anybody celebrate this kewl Holiday?
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    Times Sq. Bomber gets Life sentence

    AP - A Pakistani immigrant who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison by a judge who said she hopes he spends time behind bars thinking "carefully about whether the Quran wants you to kill lots of people."...
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    Black Sox Face-plant

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    Off to Heaven

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    Enty got...

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    The Jacket

    scene from THE JACKET w/Adrien Brody - wow ~ :shock: gagged, drugged, wrapped in a str8-jacket on a morgue tray and thrown in a vault never heard of this one before, I'm sure some of you guys have :hot: clip here...
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    CJ's KILLS

    Akana - Congo
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    CJ's KILLS

    something special for Ellis...
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    CJ's KILLS

    CJMC - 2
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    CJ's KILLS

    CJMC - CJ Meat Collection 1
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    CJ's KILLS

    BRAINZ ~ :yummy: