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    Landslide at Myanmar jade mine kills at least 162 people

    I wonder who got the pleasure of undressing and then washing all their naked bodies
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    Body Parts of Young Men Dumped on a Street in Mexico

    I'll happily take them!
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    Dead Piles & Groups - when one isn't enough

    Sounds like the perfect plan!
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    Beirut Aftermath

    It's crazy that the pants are always blown off but the underwear is always on :too hard to take:
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    Young Fit Lad 90% Decapitado

    Cumming in two throats at the same time ahahaha
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    Young Fit Lad 90% Decapitado

    You could fuck his oesophagus with the head still attached!!
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    Military Killed at 18

    Wow such a cutie!!
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    I hanged myself.

    Very hot! Thanks for doing it naked ;)
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    Cartel Revenge

    such a waste of that beautiful flesh
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    4 Criminals Killed in Venezuela

    Looks like one hell of an orgy
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    4 Black Men Naked

    The asses on them :drool:
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    José And Vinicius Plastified

    Preserving the meat for later :totally hot:
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    Hairy Man Autopsied Alive in another Brutal Mexico Cartel Execution Video

    Thank you :love1: :love1: :love1: :love1: :love1:
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    Vultures enjoy an Executed Corpse

    If they're going to take his shorts off, they might as well take his underwear off too!