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    Hanging Collection

    I agree that last pic with the feet!! Hot!!
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    Insane Russian Model Posts Photos Online Before Hanging Himself

    Shame no video of the hanging.
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    My Foot Play Dream

    Very hot!
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    Anyone on skype wanting to give me a show? PM me and tell me what type of show you have in mind. Open minded hangman here. Skype is milithangman.
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    A Jury of His Peers

    A person I have met online wants to receive his verdict from a jury of his peers and he has agreed to abide by your vote. Here are some of his pics and then the poll is above.
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    Anyone need a hangman via Cam?

    Looking for people who might want a hangman via Cam. Give you the orders and watch you carry it out. Over 17 years of experience. Contact me directly at milithangman on yahoo messenger and let's talk.
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    The Old Swing Series From the Noose Sites of Old

    Many of you from the old noose sites remember the great Swing series which circulated all over and is a collection of hangings from various movies. I have the collection and thought I would start sharing it. If you want to see more, let me know otherwise I won't clutter up CDG by continuing to...
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    Uniform Lover in USA with Love for Hangings

    Hey, thanks to Ropetrick, I found this site. I love all things uniform and boots. I especially love the idea of soldiers being hanged. I have tons of pictures that I have collected through the years. Most of these are not real pics, but manipulations and then I do have some clips that I will...