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    Jealousy Beheads in Russia

    The pic in his underwear is perfect.
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    Drop me a line on wickr at e2016. We are a reasonable distance
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    31-year-old Beaten and Raped with Baseball Bat

    Fucking hot. This fag is lucky to find someone to use it like that.
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    Slaughtering party

    This is so hot. The only way to make it better would be to make it all sexual
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    ISIS Behead Super Handsome PPK Prisoner

    It's so hot watching the others look on.
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    Looking for a butcher

    28 white meat in Colorado. Looking for a butcher within driving distance to meet with. Message me on here or... Wickr e2016 Kik LPmeat
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    New to Colorado

    Just moved to Colorado. Folks in the state feel free to message me.
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    I got these off instagram

    So there are some creepy kinda folk on instagram. Now you can look at pictures of cats and dead people!
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    Daniel Rey Wolfe

    Wish there was more! I loved how he insisted on a viking funeral haha
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    Christopher Stevens

    So I heard Christopher Stevens got raped before he died. Does anyone know where I can find the video that was uploaded and if he was raped in the video?
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    Dead guys on skyrim

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    Dead guys on skyrim

    Anyone else play Skyrim and notice how good the guys look naked? I dont get much into animations but a gay guy so had to have had a roll in making the men on this game. I was playing one night and noticed after I looted a dead one how good they look. If some of yall other guys play Skyrim post...
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    Necrophilia in other species.

    Came across some interesting articles I thought folks on here might like. "....he witnessed males having sex with other males and also with dead females, including several that had died the previous year. He...
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    :load: :load: Im going to have to do this one day(anyone down?:green grin:). This is one of the hottest videos iv seen in a while.:hearthrob:
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    "A Table for Two"

    I remember when I came across this video back in highschool..I showed all of my friends because I thought it was "cool". But really I thought it was hot :too hard to take: . I know a few folks on this site will appreciate this video the same way I have. "Why should I be crucified for wanting...