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    ISIS corpse delivery service

    This is just so beautiful, even amazing I could say.
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    Dead Girls

    Svetlana Kuznetsova killed in car crash in March 21, 2020. Happened in Tomsk, Russia.
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    Dead Girls

    2 female suicide bombers from Nigeria, Africa (Boko Haram).
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    Extremely skinny dead

    It's kinda horrific actually, some of them have nice faces, but still sad.
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    New beautiful ISIS video

    Another fresh video, which is pretty nice. :love:
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    Unidentifed Dead Bodies

    Throat cut in shitty bathroom :green puke::green puke::green puke:
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    New beautiful ISIS video

    Another beautiful new video from Africa showing blood eruptions, shooting and beheading. Wonderful. :love:
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    Amazing Russian Hipster Beheaded Over A Girl

    Yes, look at them as much as you want :yes: :
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    Home execution. Dismembering, eating and having an intercourse with his victim.

    Maybe it's a repost since it's a little bit old, but you will not see this everyday even on CDG.
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    14 men cut in halves

    Just amazing amount of meat. :drool::drool::drool:
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    Have you ever thought of your morgue video/death pics being shared on gore sites?

    How do you feel about it (right now, when you're alive) if you would die and your death pics/vid end up on the internet? I personally don't care, because that would be okay to me, the only thing that bothers me maybe is that I couldn't watch it myself :th_smiley_eh:
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    ''Open up your heart and soul''

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    Man beheaded in China

    A young man beheaded the owner of a coffee shop in China, due to a conflict between them over the high price of baozi .
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    Hanging or beheading

    How do you want your neck to be tortured?