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  • What a pity. I love beeing the killer. I would like to shoot or stab you but We live to far away cause ai live in Germany.
    I wish I did, there again you can always pop over and join us - the more the merrier - hmmm bladethrumychest? I saw a double ended blade - long and sharp - you at one end, me at the other and lets see if we cam meet in the middle each with our blade buried deep - want to try it? come on over :)
    Hey Blade man! We who want to be stabbed through the chest need to stick together. Maybe someone will run us both through at the same time, one right behind the other.
    sorry I have been infrequent here lately. What other sites?? I'd sure like to know. It is me, every inch and hair! a chest to be pierced through, don't you think?
    Yes it is me..........Posted some pics a while back in Alive Dudes under the file "Prisoner in Chains" They are not very good but you asked.......
    Hey, babe, loved that comment you posted under that one photo in my album. What a hot scene. I normally don't imagine myself being killed naked -- I usually like to be shot to death and stripped -- but, wow, that's very hot.

    So... any plans for my fresh corpse before you throw it into the grave? No point letting that smooth, tight, perky-assed body go to waste, you know. Maybe work over that ass while it's still warm and pliant?
    Hey! R u into choking guys? If u r, message me here or on yahoo - nirvanafan201, I'm 27 and I LOVE to be choked, any way, as hard as u want, for a long time! As long as my face is blue I'm happy!
    Wow, thanks a lot! Quite a compliment.
    Hey dude, seem kinda lonely with no friends so I added a friendship request. If you look around the site you'll see that I like blades, bullets and arrows and spears through the chest plus other places and other forms of killing/dying. Let me know what you're into.
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