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    Double Trouble

    dam I wish I was keagen
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    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    usa here also you can eat me
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    Eat me

    Mass. here and anyone wants to can do that to me too
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    Play dead, noose, roleplay

    I'd love to get hung like that I live I Mass. if anyone is close to me
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    Hunted Men

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    Hunted Men

    dam I wish was joe or gary
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    Two willing victims for hanging

    I'd love to be a victim in and those cases I want to hang my self but can't find a good place to do it I want to be completely naked though
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    Story Longpig day by Matthews94

    dam I wish I was anton
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    Suicide by hanging

    I live in the US too and you could do that with me I've been wanting to hang myself too I want to hang myself nude
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    male long pig looking to be snuffed out for real

    Hi I live in Mass. and am looking for someone to kill me like they do pigs or any other animal they can do it anyway they want as long as I suffer first or end it fast please email me if interested
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    California Bay Area pig looking to be snuffed (26 years old). Can travel.

    I'd love to let you snuff me I'm 54 though
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    Executioner Here

    I'd love to be tortured then killed anyway you want to do it
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    Mass. long pig here

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    Mass. long pig here

    Hi I live in western Mass. I'm 53 5'9" 166 lbs.brown hair blue eyes smooth body and shaved cock and balls 7" cut and thick cock looking for someone to cook me like a Pig and then eat me if interested please email me at