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    13 dead in mass shooting in California
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    Got a boy to play dead for me

    very nice! super hot, you're one lucky dude!
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    Man killed with an ax
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    Dead Reenactors

    I would love to strip all these dudes of their boots and socks
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    ISIS AK-47 execution

    Too bad the video wasn't a bit longer...would have loved to see what they did after all the bodies fell into the ditch
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    Iraqi soldier hacks off the head of ISIS member
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    ISIS execution burning man alive
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    Another execution by gunshots

    I want to know what you guys think, is this real or fake? Just curious because there is no blood or anything from the dude being shot
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    ISIS beheading with sword
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    So handsome!
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    Please keep the banner

    Can the Lawrence Psychiatric Institute banner stay...I think it's the best one the pics of the dudes feet!
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    American Rapper Lil Peep dead at age 21
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    Another beheading
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    Brazilian Executions
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    ISIS beheads three handsome dudes