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    Brutal Play with a Passed out Guy

    This is a hott video! I also like the one they did with the "MMA" fighter John
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    hott dude
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    Tales From The Crypt S03E04 Abra Cadaver

    Tales from the Crypt was one of my favorite shows growing up
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    morgue pics from morbidtech

    anyone got the video for this guy? would love to see this dudes video
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    The Wire S5E2 Morgue Scene

    handsome dude...they should've shown his feet
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    My Handsome Ex Boyfriend

    he was such a handsome dude...would have loved to play with his body
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    For My Ricky

    Hott feet
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    would you behead him and fuck the head?

    I would have him pass out and worship and his feet
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    Beheading orgy - 8 sexy Arabs getting a close shave

    very hott, but this was from a few years ago just wish they would have shown them moving the bodies and lining them up after the beheading
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    British Superbike "Ben Godfrey" Dies at 25

    handsome...would have loved to see his feet
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    Former Richmond AFL player "Shane Tuck" has died, aged 38.

    he was a good looking dude