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    I'm back.

    I've been away for a while. Work has been crazy, plus it said my account was suspended which I found odd, since I didn't recall doing anything worthy of suspension. Anyway, I'm back now.
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    It doesn't pay to write.

    So I've written original story content for this site and so far it's only been ok. Before you accuse me of whining, I am well aware of the fact that one answer could be "well, your writing just sucks dude, get over it." Also, I'm not exactly the target market. And I don't write pure wanking...
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    Well, sometimes the stories are easy to write. Two victims, one man, one woman, shooting. If you like it, please consider adding to my rep. Feedback is always welcome. ---------- by Attica “What time is it?” The man behind the steering wheel lifts up his wrist. There’s a brief...
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    Story: The Sweep

    So here you go. I started working on this the second week of January and never got around to really finishing it. There was a third kill of a woman at the end, but the story was running too long and I ran out of steam. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any inspiration to write the...
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    Sensitive straight, male writer seeks female muse to roleplay with.

    I know it will never happen, but the romantic in me never gives up. I'm tired of having to gender-bend to explore my straight fantasies of snuff and watching women die. I want to assume my own identity and feel my own fantasies comes to life, as myself, not via some proxy thing I play. If...
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    Story posting question: whole or in parts?

    Do people prefer stories posted in parts or as one giant story? I have a story that I'm working on right now that is maybe 10 pages long. Would people prefer that I post it in acts? Or in one go?
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    Things that bug me about the hetero snuff/necro community.

    Over the last 15 years I've noticed certain trends about heterosexual people in the snuff/necro community. And most of these trends drive me bonkers. Have other people noticed this too? In no particular order: The fascination and preference for the 'blonde bombshell' body type. The focus on...
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    My fantasies -- the core.

    I guess this should be a part of my introduction to everyone. I have a fetish in seeing pictures and videos of dying people. I have always had this attraction to seeing the freshly dead. This started when I was very young and as I grew older, the fetish has evolved. I'm fascinated with...
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    Story: The Tree and the Circle

    Here's a new story. This one comes with several warnings: * It's a hetero story. Those looking for purely homosexual content should just not even read this. * It's a story that's difficult to classify. The "victim" is male and he dies, but it's a hetero story. * It's a long setup. Please be...
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    Cute Dead Girls ?

    I like this site because of the participation and community. Is there anything even remotely similar for the other half? I haven't found anything matching the level of friendliness found here, but maybe I just suck at finding communities. If anyone can offer pointers to other places to check...
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    Story: Aid & Comfort

    Hi. It's me again. In an unusual twist of fate, I got inspired by an idea and I couldn't let it go until I had typed it out. I hadn't planned on writing another story again so soon, but when inspiration calls, you have to answer. I live and die on feedback. If you like the story, let me know...
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    Story: Perfecting the Craft

    So here's the scoop. * I'm actually a heterosexual male with snuff fantasies with women. * I still like the site and wanted to contribute something. * I've written a few stories, less than a handful. * This is the first "gayish" snuff story I've written. * Please consider this my contribution...
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    Sorry for the delay in posting my first post...Christmas time is a busy time. Glad to be here. A special thanks for the festive decorations on the banner. It's good to see you not take yourselves too seriously... - A