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    Back from the pub

    Trying to get over my bitter divorce. My ex-wife Kacee has been on my trail since the papers were filed. I didn't have the urge to make any sharp moves, win over any guys, win over any girls. Just wallow in my misery, agony and self-loathing. Keeps on getting worse and worse. I'm trying to go...
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    How do I get in touch with JohannaXn?

    I know she had her own little site called ViralDeath and I believe she contributed to this forum as well.
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    Young American Male With Head Wound

    Originally from Ogrish.... this was purported to be a suicide by shotgun, but I have some doubts about that.
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    Any new gore sites?

    I have frequented this forum for several years now (among other gore sites) and I find it strange that there hasn't been a new gore site that opened up in a couple of years. Are there any new gore sites that opened fairly recently, in the past year or so?
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