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    Supernatural Season 9 Finale (MAJOR SPOLIER ALERT!!!!)

    One of the best death scenes on Supernatural
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    Syria Tunnel Bomb

    Rebels found the Syrian Army base tunnels. I wonder how they found these. Spies or torture their captives? Cue, inevitable sequence of hide and seek with new bases and strategies.
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    Erdogan Adviser Yusuf Yerkel Kicks Mine Disaster Mourner in Turkey

    The appearance that Turkey wants you and their citizens to believe, well the cracks in this deception have been growing wider the last 12months+. I do agree it is time for People Power in Turkey, as the events of the last 12months+ have proven that Turkey is not very honest to their citizens and...
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    Syria Tunnel Bomb

    Assuming this is a method of cutting the supply lines.
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    A thread to share your favorite meanest and un-PC pranks ever.
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    All CDG members are psycopaths Are we each is individuals on here a Psychopath or Sociopath?
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    Should USA strike Syria?

    I expected it to drag out this long and not expecting it to subside until at least a few more years. The situation in Syria is only part of the complicated dynamics regarding the middle east. My interpretation of the middle east situation is a Games of Thrones situation and some western country...
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    Drug dealers in Brazil punish rivals by making them eat their own fingers

    One way to try and make the difficult members to be more well behaved and disciplined?
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    24 'Live Another Day'

    Long Live Jack Bauer!!!!:great:
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    All CDG members are psycopaths

    :Nice thread::party beer:
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    2 May Odessa Fire [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]

    How did the fire start?
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    Two dudes with crazy bodies but you must choose one...

    left, seems more carefree and less anal than the guy n the right
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    South Korea Capsize April 2014

    Fist of all let me state the obvious, when you are told to stay in place, eg, in your cabins and the ship is tilting at least 20 degrees minimum, it is time to more up to the outside decks, as the 20 degree list mark is starting to get into the danger zone. There was a video on line of this guy...
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    Angry Bulgarian Boss

    LOL and:beer:
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    Death rate for young men in New York City

    Meat Pie, Have you crossed reference this data with other cities in the world? New York has a population of 8.334 million Using the 3,000 deaths number it works to be roughly 8.5 deaths a day, which I consider low. I am actually surprised it isn't actually higher. I am guessing one needs to...