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    Tied up and bagged

    You.. look incredible
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    Shipping buddy

    Incredibly hot
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    Dan’s World Famous Ribs

    The secret back room of the barbeque restaurant was full gutted carcasses hanging by their ankles. At Dan’s world Famous Rib’s these carcasses were those of human men. That was the secret, fit, under 40 men. Patrons travelled for miles for the ribs served here. Dan personally butchered and...
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    impaled and served

    commissioned some drawings of me.
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    ho ho's for the holiday

    Mike and Isaiah stumbled into their apartment, both very intoxicated from a Christmas party. The two men they’d picked up there followed behind them, laughing and already bulging in their pants. They didn’t even make it out of the living room before the two guests had Mike and Isaiah naked...
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    impalement/spit roast

    The thought of being impaled turns me on but so does being spit roasted. If I were impaled ass to shoulder, would that allow time to gut me so my meat isn't ruined?
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    ffvii Cloud

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    Mike & Isaiah at the dinner party

    Mike sat on the bed, leaned back, watching Isaiah’s head move up and down on his cock. He started to moan as he was getting close to shooting his load. Isaiah started to lick the shaft and Mike shot all the way up his torso, getting a splash of cum on his chin. Isaiah rolled to the side...
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    Slaughterpigs: next victim?

    a favourite carcel drawing comes to mind for my death. gutted first and then decapitated just before I die from the gutting.
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    unlucky in the woods

    my first attempt at a story for here. Walking through the woods, I am startled by a sudden noise behind me. Before I can react, I feel the pierce of a knife in my back, pain shoots through my entire torso. I look down to see the point of a long hunting knife sticking out of my gut. I fall to...
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    random battle/arena pics

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    actor/model stud

    Joaquín Ferreira
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