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    Into the Badlands awesome Morgue scene(s)

    Into the Badlands (AMC) had an awesome series of morgue scenes this week. Many Many young hot studs (mostly guys) trained as fighters are found all laid out in a secret morgue, then they start magically bringing them back (some nice writhing!) Hopefully, for continued torture and perhaps some...
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    Penis torture

    I know what sorts of things I might do to a dude's cock at my mercy... What's the worst thing you've ever done to a man's penis? A
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    some manga and anime boys

    Here's a nice collection of drawings along this same line... I called him the Elf Prince because of his ears.... It's F/M action, but he's so cute I let that slide, and also because so much is done to his penis, that made me very happy!
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    HUGE collection of KATHARSIS pics archived !!!

    Sound the trumpets! I've finally completed archiving a HUGE collection (like over 300 I think) images from the long lost KATHARSIS web site! Many of these are actual pics from the site, some are just images that should have been there... (sorry, there may be a duplicate or two in here, there...
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    Drawing of forced sex during dismemberment

    Just found this AWESOME huge site of mutilation/castration drawings. Many MANY of the former Katharsis!!! Which I will share here when I archive the full set. Here's a great taste of what I found! In it a muscular stud is forced to jack off a load out of his newly headless cock, while being...
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    Artwork: Penis trophy...

    Here's another work in progress by the same artist as my last post. In it, the Barbarian Anak has been taken captive by some kind of Troll like race who are fond of keeping body part trophies on a necklace. We see the stud just as his penis has been torn/cut off to add to the trophy...
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    Barbarian tortured to death-beginning with his penis!

    LOVE this drawing by one of my favorite artists, KALABRO... The built Barbarian is being butchered alive, beginning with cutting his hard penis off inch by inch!
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    21 year old cute dark skinned fellow missing important stuff!

    They cut off his ears, then his penis, then cut his heart out!
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    Thief shot right in the ballsack!

    Don't think this young man actually died from this injury, but do love how the gunshot coaxed his testicles into making a special appearance! :D A
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    Marine screaming as penis is cut off...

    Here's the manip including the 'penis in hand' I promised earlier... Thought I'd ad a short story for background to the image. Muscular US Marine Marcus was captured along with his entire platoon. Each man was stripped naked before they were marched into a large dungeon to meet their end. As...
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    POLE: Abduction and 'Disposal' ideas

    If you were going to abduct a stud to have your way with him (terminally)... How would you go about getting him under you control, and how would you get rid of him (or what's left of him) when you're done? I have my fantasies, but would love to hear your creative input! A
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    Harvested Penis

    I love pics and video of hot guys, especially military studs, being tortured by castration, and escpecially mutiation of their penis, up to and hopefully including having their dick cut off while still alive to 'enjoy' it :D I always wish though that they'd show the severed memeber more often...
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    Penis torture and mutilation (Drawings)

    A post I came upon here recently, contained two of the rather rare drawings by the artist named LINK... I have always LOVED these drawings, of men with over sized hard cocks, suffering their torutre and mutilation... Here is my collection of 18 of his drawings for your enjoyment! (don't...
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    Cooking Trooper Cody (well, prepping him)

    I LOVE this video of prepping a hot young trooper for dinner. Basting his naked body, especially his testicles and erect penis. No actual mutilation or eating shown here, but there is a scene of preparing to make his toes an appetizer that i know some of you fine lads here will be wanking to...