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    Two Cuties shot

    Sure they had soft juicy meaty feet like most arabs
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    Soft feet wanted (max 40) in Netherlands

    Always hungry for some meaty soles...Like to have your feet eaten by dark tall, sportive and handsome 😜
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    Young Lebanese Cadaver

    From experience I know Lebanese have the softiest meatiest feet, very tasty
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    Hot straight overdose

    Very hot guy overdosing, such an easy target/victim to do with whatever you want to, what would you have done with him?
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    Slutty Twink begging for it

    This twink likes to send me horny pics, I told him I want his feet so he send me pics, I like to choke him, what would you do this little piece of shit, be cruel
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    From The Crypt: Handsome Lad Executado

    Good quality twink
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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

    ] It happened in Rome
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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

    The foot is of premium quality, young soft and meaty
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    Riot in Venezuela prison kills at least 45

    How much fun to go pick out your preferred new sex toy!
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    Young Dies Boxing in Street

    Hot to be fucking him while he starts having that fit and cum the moment he dies
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    Young Lying in Shorts