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    From The Crypt: Handsome Lad Executado

    Good quality twink
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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

    ] It happened in Rome
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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

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    18 yo Luca Liberti (2015)

    The foot is of premium quality, young soft and meaty
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    Riot in Venezuela prison kills at least 45

    How much fun to go pick out your preferred new sex toy!
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    Young Dies Boxing in Street

    Hot to be fucking him while he starts having that fit and cum the moment he dies
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    Young Lying in Shorts

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    Hot hanging Scene

    Love to lie underneath him while he dies, take of his shoes and socks and eat his feet
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    She smother him with pillow

    She has style, that boy is a perfect victim, what movie?
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    Handsome Luanderson Wendel Benetti Aires Crushed To Death By Log

    Well his right foot is still perfectly usable
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    Hot Blackie Soccer Fan Killed

    He looks comfortable to sit on, like a Fatboy bean bag
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    Murdered Dude in Brazil Hanged Upside Down in Street

    Dinner is served!
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    Handsome skydiver dead accident with nice soles

    Perfect fucktoy! :p