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    Let's Get Inside...

    let's try this... sorry, that is been a while since my last post...
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    Let's Get Inside...

    Autopsy - Dead-Fat-Male Enjoy
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    Sexy Facebook Guys

    just a few of the sexy guys you'll find on Facebook... Who would you Fuck..?
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    Dead guys of Facebook

    snowmobile went through the ice, and they both died... which one do you want?
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    Classic Death: In Black & White

    maybe some old... maybe some new.... but all dead & sexy... just waiting for someone to make love to them...
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    A Police Shooting !

    do you like...? anybody got more police shootings, to add to this thread?
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    Le'ts Do Some CPR

    and if the CPR doesn't work.... we've got some Sexy Dead Guys too Fuck :love: Anybody got some other SEXY CPR Videos to Post?
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    Good Old Fashion Firing Squad...

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    A Little Something in My Pants

    Sexy.. Dead.. and Got A Hard On... Let's Post The Best "Angel Lust" Videos Here.... Who Can "Top" this Video...?
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    Fat & Dead

    do you like, fat & dead..? what could you do, to my sexy body..?
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    I See Cock

    Who else, can find some sexy dead cock to post here....
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    Just Waiting for YOU to Fuck Me... #2

    What could you do with me..?
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    Dead, with a touch of Cock

    gotta love some dead cock......
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    Just Waiting for YOU to Fuck Me...

    all cleaned up, and ready for you to fuck me..... that's if you Want To..?