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    What outfit makes men hot the most???

    black cotton turtleneck shirt, jeans, black cowboy boots.
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    reb death

    nice-good way to die.
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    Master for Stab me

    yes, as long as you stab or shoot me in my belly.
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    Role play

    i like to get shot in the belly hole in a duel or gun fight.
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    Some Killed Criminals

    side belly wound-nice
  6. actiondudenj2

    Syrian Ahmed al-Issa Killed By Turks

    missed his belly by a mile.
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    Morgue photo and video of Ronnie Smith (repost)

    handsome guy-caught one in the lower belly- hot.
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    cut me deep.
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    Relist Dead Man in Uniform, Soldiers/Police with boots

    id like to be laying next to them with a bullet in my belly hole wearing a black cotton turtleneck, camo pants, and combat boots. I gopt the uniform-anyone want to join me in death?
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    hairy turkish dead

    wish it were me.
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    Toys for us

    me too
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