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    Canadian Soldier Nathan Cirillo killed in Ottawa by Muslim Dickweed

    Religion ruins everything. Everything. RIP Corporal Nathan Cirillo
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    Movies to rent

    "Salon Kitty" Nazis kill Helmut Berger in his own bathhouse.
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    A great action scene...

    ...from a great movie (click picture to see the action)
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    Hammer Time...(Borgias)

    One of my favourite scenes of torture and execution from this show... God damn what I wouldn't give to be the one to swing that hammer - Powered by VideoBam - Free Video Hosting
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    Generation Kill

    Awesome scene from Generation Kill - American GI's bag some sand niggers -
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    Corporal Cox really fucked up this time

    Decorated Iraq war veteran comes home, gets drunk and kills a mother while driving. :facepalm: His website -
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    If they want to see my white stuff...

    ...they have to show me their RED Violence and blood make me HARD
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    Bulgaria vs Ireland

    Which country has the hottest guys who would make the best CDGs?? First, Bulgaria
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    then they cut off his face...

    First they cut off his head...and then they cut off his face. Shitty quality, but you get the idea.
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    Back Home

    I'm sorry that I've been away...let's just say that it was not by my choice. It is good to be back "home" again.
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    Angellic twinks...Putrid actors

    CJ? Is that you??
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    Use your I-Phone for target practice...

    Searching for victims - there's an app for that:
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    Stone-age dildo found in Sweden

    Apparently cavemen did more than just hunt dinosaurs...
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    Awesome Irish Road Safety Advert...

    Unfortunately straight couple - but I think this commercial is pretty graphic. :sm (47): stills: vid:
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    CUTE FACE.!!

    I'll wager that he wasn't wearing that rosary when he left the house - somebody put it round his neck after they found him