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    As I suspected, you want to meet your just desserts as punishment because you're a beautiful, exhibitionistic cocktease. I see you mincing around the busiest gay bar in town, soaking up the attention, but putting off any serious advances until you finally try to stall the wrong guy. Ironically, when he dominates and forces himself upon you, you will want him more than anything because he knows just how to treat you, even down to your last terrorized yet unbearably aroused moments. And also, your desire to be found whole in the trash fits with my impressions. Of course I full relate to all of this.

    BTW, I posted all that stuff in your visitors message area because your private message inbox seems to be out of space.

    I look forward to writing an evil story about you, and also to seeing "more" of you and clearer images of your lovely body. Thank you!
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    BTW, if you use flickr you can find my (non-snuff wrestling and fighting) pics here:
    and here:
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    Hey baby, I've been thinking about writing a story about you, and possibly posting it to one of the forums. If you're interested, I'd just like to ask a couple of questions. For instance, though I'd make it clear that it's about you, smoothbrownboi, is there an alias you like for yourself that's a regular name, like Jeff or Betty? Something that might be similar yet different from your real name to keep it feeling personal. Also, is your penis large, medium, small, straight, curvy? That kind of info can be used to give it more realism and can enhance the degradation. Would you want to be murdered by any means other than strangulation, smothering or necksnapping? Though of course I think those are the most embarrassing and therefore hottest since someone really has to palpably master you to accomplish them. Do you desire added disgraces like being served as food in a banquet to further nullify you? Any other particulars you'd like me to include to better peak it for you?
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    On another subject, I think it would be great if you posted some pics where your beautiful murdered physique is still sporting a self-betraying erection. Let's face it, getting horribly victimized, used and slain would have you rockhard from start to, er, finish. You could always use a cockring to explain why you're still hard. I'd also love to see some pics of you of a little higher image quality. Digital cameras have gotten awfully inexpensive :)

    I think you and I are pretty much interchangeable as victims. You're a little taller and more femmy, I'm a little more thickly muscled. Otherwise though, just a couple of rotten little narcissists who want to be the center of attention, adored, desired and arousing with our lovely smooth lean bodies, yet totally vulnerable to being depersonalized, negated, held in contempt, ridiculed as the wretched jokes that we are.
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    We want to be important and valued, yet shown as inferior and for the use of our betters, which is everyone. We love and desire other hot guys yet long to be forced to be more turned on by a less attractive man than he is by us.

    We want to be exposed and jeered and teased and caressed and beaten and seduced and raped and tortured and wanted and despised and used and forced to unwilling orgasm unendingly, yet to also suffer the ultimate display of weakness and inferiority and loss of control of having our lives taken from us. And the ultimate display of being a miserable submissive inferior unmanly bottom, of cumming as it it done to us.
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    And then disposed of in some deeply humiliating and public way, like naked and spread on top of the trash in a full dumpster, or strung up in a park or from our own balcony. Maybe stuffed mouth and anus with something to further degrade us.

    I often fantasize about having my oppressor catheterize and fill each of my testicles to near-bursting with semen he's stored up from other men, so that as he ripped one involuntary orgasm after another from me I'd go on having ejaculate to squirt even after 5 or 8 or 10 times. Or of having him know how to insert a needle into my brain to destroy selected parts, rendering me a mindless idiot able only to understand enough to obey commands, to suffer from humiliation, and to be sexually aroused. In this way, the "me" in me would in effect be killed, yet I'd still go on as a de-personed party favor, stupid, mute, servile, displayed and enjoyed while mentally experiencing only defeat, shame and hypersexuality. A genital zombie.
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    Thanks--glad ya like 'em!
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    Thanks for the photo comment. You should talk, you're one of if not the hottest corpse on here. You'd look hot getting tentacle-raped, strangled and swallowed like that. Or immobilized and impregnated with the alien beast's eggs to be slowly consumed from the inside out.
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    tried replying to your message, but your mailbox must be full.
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