Eat Me.jpeg

Eat Me.jpeg

Cut Me. Eat Me.
I look at myself and really want to chew my tits off. Chewing my dick would be a very painful pleasure, too. While I’m at it, I’d like to beat the shit out of me. Sigh. I wish.
I sit on my stool and look out at you as you stare at my image. Are you the one? The man i desire? We are separated by this screen so I cannot tell you what I wish. What I desire. I dream that you will put a blade to my pectoral. And slice. How you procédé is up to you, as long as you cut me. I simply love to watch sharp steel slicing into male flesh. And the sensation that results. Warm blood running down my belly.

I look into the mirror at my image and lust. I look out from this photo and plead. Are you there? The man with a knife. Cut me. Please. Cut me.
Or just gut me. Look at that belly. Perfect for slicing open and dropping my guts out. Do it. Please.
Would you impale me with a thorny blackberry stalk? In and out. Ripping my colon.

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