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  1. Het MP, just got to your message, with us celebrating JULY 4th OVER HERE? And its very, very hot here in LAS VEGAS. Everyone and thing is air- conditioned here thank god? And, I imagine where you live is humid in summer? BULGARIA sounds so exotic? isint Romania ,( DRACULAS birth place near you?). Wow, have u ever traveled out of your country?You know Vegas is sin city, all casinos money, tourists etc? Do they allow gambling in your country? Id love to visit Bulgaria,if I had the money to spare id love to travel.Im from good old NEW YORK, and I miss the city, but would fit right into country living, trees ,greenery etc. So what do u do for a living? Whats the pay like (wages)? Minimum here I think,:welcome colour is arpuond 12.00 us dollars no.
  2. How do you keep cool in the heat? Do you have air-conditiong?
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