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  1. LOL! thanks Alex :) ♥ i hope you like it :}
  2. Joe Winko, I appreciate your correction. :) It is comforting to know that my reading comprehension is still intact. Senile dementia is sure to kick in sooner or later, but so far so good! Now, I'm looking forward to sitting back for an hour of you talking dirty about how you like your sex. :P I'll let you know my thoughts after I've viewed the training film.
  3. oh wait a sec, actually the prince DID find out that the princess got pregnant by his breath before he pushed her out of the sky world. lol sorry about that, i got mixed up XD i never understood why either but i guess he was angry because she got pregnant without him fucking her and that pissed him off for some reasons LOL it's a twisted story XD
  4. thanks so much for watching it :) ♥ and actually in the story, the prince never actually found out that the princess/sky woman really became pregnant from his breath.
  5. I was able to watch your Sky Woman video yesterday. It was an interesting and sad tale. I don't understand why the Prince pushed his Princess down the hole even after he found out that her pregnancy was NOT caused by her cheating on him, but by his own breath. I felt bad for the Princess to have been thus wrongly punished. You chose the perfect background music for the animation. It is appropriately mournful.
  6. it's actually a red bandanna. it's my trademark and i wear it in all my youtube videos. ive been wearing it since i was a little kid.
  7. Livingdeadman20, please explain the hat you are wearing in your new avatar. I can't see it clearly enough to determine if it is a witch hat or a dunce cap or part of a Santa Claus costume.
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