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  1. Kimmy Jong Un look like he's wearing a hair hat but I think you'll be put in the gulag if you dare diss the "hair" there. North Korea is really creepy. They have a religious like cult around the Kim family dynasty. They are seen literally gods there, with superpowers and shit but they tried to present it as secular humanism by calling it a cult of personality. Crazy shit!
  2. I have been hearing the term "cult of personality" all my life, but never bothered to find out what it means. I still don't understand it. However, one thing I do understand is that Kim Jong Un's haircut is stupid. Why does he wear it like that? Are all males in North Korea required to have that haircut, or are all males in North Korea forbidden to copy him? I hope it's the latter, because it is just the silliest looking hair. It certainly makes KJU look sillier than he already is.
  3. North Korea claims it is a cult of personality but rulership been passed down through three generations. Hmmm
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