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  1. "...who am I??" For the moment, Mathieu, I will just say you are THE GREATEST! :D
  2. Alex!! Always traversing the globe, doing horrible but necessary things in the corporate world. ;)

    So, my friend, who am I??
  3. Mattai, you are back! Where have you been? Were you skulking about Eastern Europe again, knee deep in sinister activities? Now that you are here, when may we expect the onslaught of your thread comments to begin? I think I've figured out who you are. :O
  4. If you are dead, please advise details. Otherwise, report for duty.
  5. Mr. Mattai, you have an identical twin brother, do you not? What is his first name? I wish you would come back to CDG so I could discuss VERY IMPORTANT (monkey) BUSINESS with you.
  6. It's good to be past the holidays, and back on the CDG train!! (of course, seated in the bar car....)
  7. It's always good to see Mr. Mattai in the house. :D
  8.'s Mr. Mattai, returned to us at long last from his latest fearful and action-packed odyssey!
  9. Haa!! I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
  10. Mr. Mattai, you have not checked in here for A YEAR! Where ARE you? I regret that I am left no recourse but to issue an APB for your capture: Wanted - Mattai - Dead or Alive (preferably naked)!
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