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  1. I paid for elite membership for 1 month please let me in
  2. Sir, I am terribly sorry for asking you more questions. But actually I am only interested in dead girls. Whenever I try to use searching function of cute dead guys, i type the word 'dead girls' or 'dead woman'. But the result of searching shows me 'dead girl contents' of entire site. I want to get contents about dead girl that can only be provided in secret room. But i think there is no function of searching in secret room. Can you help me with this?
  3. Sir, thank you for giving me the password. But I still do not know how to enter the secret room. I mean, where do i have to type the password? Is secret room a kind of a forum in this site? Or is there an address of an independent site?
  4. Sir, I just purchased 1 month membership of cute dead guys elite group via the secret page you told me. But i still don't know how to access the forum of elite group. Can you teach me how? If I can not access, I want to get a refund.
  5. Hello sir. How can I join your secret room? How much do i have to pay? please let me know.
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