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  1. Meatpie, your new (current) Profile Picture/Avatar is one of your hottest yet! Has a stranger on the street in Bulgaria ever addressed you as Meatpie? There are many CDG members who would recognize you from your photos, if we were tourists over in your neck of the wood. How would you respond if someone you didn't know walked up to you and said "Hi, Meatpie!"?
  2. You look like a model in your new avatar photo!
  3. Meatpie, I was just looking through a 2016 issue of The Nation, and there was a review in it of a novel called What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwall. Following is an excerpt from the review (written by Damon Galgut)...

    "His narrator is gay, which causes him shame as a child; later he's ashamed of the places -- public toilets and other cruising grounds -- where he goes to look for sex. It's in one of these places, the bathroom of Bulgaria's National Palace of Culture in Sofia, where he meets a young hustler named Mitko..."

    Are you aware of this book? Since the story takes place in Sofia, I thought the book might have gotten some press in Bulgaria. Also, it's subject matter is gay, so maybe you read it. Have you ever been in the National Palace of Culture?
  4. In your latest Avatar and Profile Pictures you look very much the Skinhead. The writing on the armband might be explanatory, but it's too small for me to read. Have you ever worn Doc Martens and braces? Were you ever part of the Skinhead movement? Is your head still shaved, now?
  5. Thanks, glad you like me.
  6. Meatpie, I wish you would collect ALL of your Profile Pictures and Avatars and put them in an album, open to members. I am frequently impressed by your photos. They (and you) look so professional.
  7. You know who you look like in your avatar? You are a dead ringer for NICK JONAS!
  8. Thank you for the compliments, yes my current avatar is a pic of myself.
  9. Meatpie, your new avatar and your current profile picture are both EXCELLENT. You keep coming up with fresh images of yourself, and, I declare, each one is sexier than the last.
  10. Meatpie, both your current (new) avatar AND your current (new) profile photo are handsome in the extreme! I wish you'd pose nude for us.
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