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16-12-08, 10:05 PM
I went to a shrink today because of my aunt who is a doctor. I contacted her about my throat problem. I told her I've been on antibiotics for three weeks, and other drugs and nothing seems to work.

She said I should see a psychiatrist because some mental conditions can give you a lump in the throat feeling, like stess, anxiety etc.

Since I go to doctors entirely free, I said ok, why not it if that helps.

It was hilarious because it turned out that my shrink was even more messed up and miserable then me, tha patient.


She said, "Talk".


I made no mention of necro, I wanted to know if she could find out.

So I started off saying that I go out with friends, and enjoy being with other people, I am definately not a reclus. I love clubbing and I have regular sex...I stopped here because you all know that regular sex is not what I lust for, I want a dead body but that was too brutal to mention at my first visit.

I also said that I am disappointed by modern society, how everyone wants fast easy money, and how no one cares for other people.

Humans are social beings and should help each other, communicate more. not try to crush and kill each other and take advantage ot other people when they are vulnarable.

In reality thats what happens.

But that fucking competition to survive on a planet with limited resources is making survival harder.

Slowly but surely every day.


My shrink had a runny nose, obviously was cold and her PC had crashed. I tried to help! So we spent 20 minutes talking about PC problems then my mental problems!

LOOOOLLL!!! She was clearly stupid because she didn't know what cable when to her printer and which one was for her monitor. I wanted to laugh out loud but I couldn't but later told my dad and he was ROFL.

Then the technican came in and started fixing her PC. He was cute. She said, "OKAY lets continue."

I said, "I am afraid we cannot continue in this situation" looking towards the technican who was so impressed to see a young cute guy talking to a shrink. He listened to every word I said.

My shrink got even more worked up. HAHHAHAHAHAH :sm (51):

It was hilarous but I couldn't laugh or anything.

She said, "I think you might have anxiety and I will give you pills".

She prescribed me some pills and I left.


DARKSIDE is right. A few days ago he said shrinks are meaningless for intelligent people. We maybe necros but we aint crazy.

I won't buy the pills I hate drugs.

Maybe I am wrong? Do you think I have anxiety? panic attacks? bipolar?

I asked her all these questions.

She said you are not depressed, bipolar or anything just too much stess that leads to anxiety.

Basically, everyone is left to deal with life in whatever way they can.

Shrinks are meangless.

If someone has a different opinion on the matter, please post. I am interested to hear what you guys think.

And one final point I want to make. I checked the drug she prescribed me on the internet.

It has interesting side effects:

frequent adverse events reported with Cipralex are nausea, insomnia, problems with ejaculation, somnolence, increased sweating, fatigue, decreased libido and anorgasmia.

WTF??? Not been able to wank to my favourte dead guys? That would really be a major problem.

Maybe I go next time and tell her that!


16-12-08, 11:23 PM
Wow Pieman....

Enough with the self docetering and looking on the Internet with all that shit....

I think, with my limited medical and psychological experience, you could be suffering from a form of PTSS. Something you have gobbled up inside, not wanting to let out or talk about it.

As I said, this is MY opinion. Not medically valid in anyway. But stress is there....

Ever tried a Health Weekend in a SPA?

I wuld not mind going there with you.

I hear Bulgaria has nice SPA's!!

Just take care ok?

16-12-08, 11:42 PM
I am suffering from gay necrophilia, anyone know any cure for this?

We are all sick on this site remember, we just have different interests.

But you are right, I should stop reading about nasty diseases on the internet.


I need a mate though :( All my friends are sick with the flu

Maybe we can have a group gay necro spa? That would be awesome...

17-12-08, 04:28 AM
Perhaps i've not been invited into this discussion but here is my tuppencewoth anyway, as I think you need it...

You are describing symptoms suggestive of depression with anxiety disorder. First line treatment for this in the UK is "talking therapy" with a psychologist trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 12 -16 1 hour sessions are usually required. Your recovery with talking therapy may be easier for you if you also start a short course of antidepressant such as paroxetine/seroxate/citalopram for perhaps 6 months or so. These drugs are safe and non-addictive and side effects such as you described are not common at all. This regime has much medical evidence to support its use. Unfortunatley, psychotherapy appears to be a new discipline in Bulgaria but there is a Bulgarian Association of CBT (the BACBT) whom you may be able to contact if your doctor can't refer you.

As an addendum to the above, I should like to point out that guys like you commit suicide all the time. Your death would be nothing special, just a another statistic and a miserable waste of a life. We have all been through some horrendious shit - you're not the only one. You need to find the motivation to get yourself professional help as described above and get yourself better and when you are better you can piss off and travel around Europe and find a place where you fit in. . There are so many places you could go to. You can't judge the future when you are feeling so low.

And finally, you're several decades too young for throat cancer. You probably have Globus Hystericus. Good luck -- i hope you feel better soon.


17-12-08, 04:30 AM
And as you see from the above, i have finally figured out why I couldn't post before - I kept getting "timed out".

17-12-08, 09:02 AM
Hi Meaty, so you went to a shrink, told you they were crap. you should have told her you wanted to fuck a dead guy, bet she would have shat her pants in shock, that would have cheered you up.
Must add do you think being necro/ gay improves your I.Q., we appear to have some very intellegent and knowlagable people on this forum.

17-12-08, 09:19 AM
Thank you for you reply. Several things I would like to point out:

1. What is tuppencewoth?
2. No drug is absolutely safe and antidepressants have side effects. I hate drugs so I won't take anything. I even couldn't take my antibiotics.
3. Shrinks can't resolve problems like lack of money, low living standards etc.
4. No one really cares about other people, except close family and very close friends.
5. The only symptoms I have are a persistent sore throat and slight nausea. Anyway after so many tests and examinations I don't care what it is.

Life here is harsh, people can't pay their bills, let alone travel.

Central heating for a small apartment costs 200 euro a month. We have monthly salaries as low as 100 euros a month and average salary of 200 euros.

No shrink can help you with that.

I am glad I am not in such a situation but many families are running into debt and many are losing their jobs.

You should be happy you live in wealthy countries and not in Eastern Europe. Hope the world economy gets ruined, capitalism is wrong.

Shrinks are depressed too because they work in miserable conditons and they earn around 300 euros a month which is not enough to pay your bills, let alone food and other things. How can you talk with someome who is in a worse off sitiation than you are and expect them to help you?

When you go to a doctor here, a big hospital in Sofia for example, medical staff will ask for money that you can "donate" because a nurse earns 100 euros a month. That is so low, people often starve. So a doc, a surgeon will say "please donate to our hospital because our medical staff are starving."

But people have nothing to donate.

I hate my country.

This is eveyday reality for millions of people in Eastern Europe.

I worked for the mafia, I met ex KGB agents, I give bribes.

This is what my country is, a failed society.

I feel much better now having posted this, thank you. This forum is the best form of psychotherapy for me.

Your boss here will bully you and shit like that, they won't give your money.

My colleagues often had mental breakdowns, and cried in front of me. Some left Bulgaria and they promised never to return to this shithole.

I want to leave too but will miss my family and friends so I stay for now, I don't care anymore. At least when I am sick there will be someone to bring me aspirin if I can't move, while in other countries you die on the street and you are just a unidentified body of a migrant.


17-12-08, 04:26 PM
PieMAn...you must MOVE !

Have you considered the UK, France, Germany...more open, less brutal places?

Hey, you are a very talented guy...you know what...I have noticed this abot you:


Look how you organized this CDG, how you manage it, how you develop policies and expectations...you are like a MBA, you are a natural LEADER, skilled MANAGEMENT EXPERT...know how to give a positive boost, improve morale as well as come down firmly yet kindly on non-performers !

YOU HAVE SO MANY SKILLS, just stop and think ALL the qualities it takes to run this website, PieMan !!!

All the natural talent....NOW, put that in the form of a obtaining a DEGREE in a country where your spirit can be FREE to SOAR....and I declare, you will not only be SUCCESSFUL but you will be a very AFFLUENT MAN, lotsa $$$$

HEY, why not open up a funeral home, then expand....have a chain of funeral homes, start small, then expand...you would not have to be a mortician, but the founder and the executive behind them all....develop a business plan....


Just like with grocery stores...PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT !

These are GURANTEED BUSINESSES, providing the BASICS to people but the BASICS are needed !

GET a business degree in MANAGEMENT, then maybe an MBA...then go and learn how to become involved in the management of morturary services.....and of course, you as the BOSS would have lots of access to HOT DEAD manBODS..BUT you would not as the mortician have to do the bods of kids, old men or fat old ladies !

ALL the TREATS and none of the drub !

Do you see what I mean???

Think CREATIVELY...you are a VERY CREATIVE MAN ! LOOK at these SMILEYS you have given us to use....I love these SMILEYS....they are ALL BRILLIANT...YOU chose them...again, shows your CREATIVE TALENT....and

Make a list of all it takes to run this place, PieMan...then think of jobs thay you like that you could match these skills with and make $$$$$ ... may not even require education, you already have the education to LEAD, MANAGE, BE CREATIVE, are an EXCELLENT COMMUNICATOR !

PieMan, look positively at yourself...DAMN, I have seldom known anyone just BURSTING with so much talent and SMARTS and SKILLS as YOU !


Make $$$$, live in a better society where you can SOAR....don't say "I CAN'T"....rather, say "I CAN AND I WILL"

"I WILL SOAR ! I WILL USE MY MANY TALENTS CONSTRUCTIVELY and LEGALLY to HAVE FUN IN LIFE and TO MAKE $$$ and to BE HAPPY"...and if that means providing needed mortuary services to people, HEY, others do it and do it WELL and make lots of $$$, why not YOU??

Partner up with a gay necro bud who loves mortuary science and particulary hot, ripe, dead, SEXcee studs, a mortician...you be the brains behind putting it all together,the funding, the adverstising, let him do the mortuary science but go down and look when there is a hot STUD to do !

GUYS DO THIS HERE IN THE USA , there are lots of GAY MORTICIANS and GAY EXECUTIVES running FUNERAL HOMES...there is one in my own city, this guy is GAY as ALL GAY can be, handsum, smart, likable..and he LOVES dead GUYS (he hangs out in BoysTown in Chicago, and shares how he is so passionate about his job....loves military studs the best, and young guys, wants to see his morticians make them look their best...so what is that all about?? READ between the lines !!! OH YAH !!)

BUT he doesn't go around broadcasting it...HE does not DO the mortuary stuff, he RUNS the BUSINESS, RUNS the FUNERAL HOME and OWNS the BUSINESS...guy in his mid-thirties...and he is now going to EXPAND and build a new funeral home .... he has lots of customers !

I think gay guys make for good mortuary executives, we are mostly kind, intelligent, creative, caring....ALL the QUALITIES it takes to be in this kind of business.....

PieMan, you just need guys who can help you EXPAND your scope, get you out of this FUNK you are in !

And PILLS and pscyhiatrists, at their best, try to break self-defeating patterns of thinking to help persons think more positively, by relating to another person, THEM...and the Rx tries to help medically relief the stress...

BUT a GOOD JOG thru the PARK, a good WORKOUT, a good SWIM, whatever you like to do...hike in the outside, go and see museums, go to symphonies, listen to the opera...whatever....go be involved with community programs to help feed the poor or care for the homeless...whatever...get a few things to BREAK your pattern of FUNK you are in right now.....

YOU CAN DO IT, PieMan.....we are here to help you and to help each other !

Just think about your myraid of STRENGTHS, PieMan.....and resolve in this new year to go about making positive changes in your life.....start small, but then build...and build..and build....and you will find that you CAN leave that country you are in that you so dislike, you CAN find a career you LOVE and will be successful at, you CAN make much $$$$ and be a caring, decent guy who just more openly expresses the LUSTS all guys have....

...but also find balance....there is more to life than death, there is also LIFE !

So here is to LIFE !

And to your LIFE ! To our LIVES ! May be we all become better, healthier and happier in this new year, and discover the balance between the lusts of our primal, manly natures yet the great potential and joys that exist in the world of the LIVING as well !


:sm (26)::sm (26)::sm (26):

17-12-08, 06:03 PM
Well said ArrowMan, you are spot on with comments.

17-12-08, 07:04 PM
Hi Dark and thanks Arrow.

17-12-08, 10:15 PM
I second arrow!!! And what a great idea about the mortuary deal. Hang with us and hang in there! We love you Pieman! :sm (26):

18-12-08, 12:46 PM
Hey, there. Meatpie. Happy that you're still with us.

To answer your question: here's my tuppenceworth = here's my opinion for what it's worth = British-English slang.

By the way, a psychotherapist is very different to a shrink. A shrink is a medical doctor but a psychotherapist is like a counsellor. They can't prescribe drugs - they use talking therapies to help people instead. It's quite true that they can't change the terrible situations some of us find ourselves in. However they can change who the way we react to and think about those situations - so our actions are less harmful to us or those around us. That is the basis of CBT.

Youre right about shrinks, by the way - after dentists, psychiatrists have the second highest rates of suicide among the professional classes in the West.

And yes, there are counsellors (probably not in Bulgaia though) who would not be shocked if you told them about your gay necro fantasies. Such as these guys:


Having said that, I don't think simply having gay necro fantasies should be a problem or a big deal for any of us - as along as you have supportive relationships with others and a decent lifestyle - just as Arrowman suggested - enjoy what you have.

ps - arrowman is also right about the amount of respect us forum users have for you and the attitudes you display in your posts.

04-01-09, 10:49 AM
Dead bodies can't reject you.

04-01-09, 11:20 AM
so true. How do I get one?

04-01-09, 05:18 PM
Dead bodies can't reject you.

I guess that's the gist of it all?:sm (20):

04-01-09, 09:43 PM
so true. How do I get one?

You make one? O.o If dieing wasn't so permanent I'd volunteer... lol

05-01-09, 09:48 AM

Nah, I thing killing another human is the worse thing you can do on earth.

All I want is a guy who died in car wreck - not too mangles, just bumped his head and passed away.

19-01-09, 05:21 PM
I think it's important to remember that Psychology is a relatively new, imperfect science based on theories and testable hypothesis just like any other scientific method, and that method is ultimately fallible. Psychology evolves, and by supporting that evolution I believe we can help people in the future with mental illnesses, even if we can't find the solution for ourselves. I've seen Psychiatrists and Psychologists since I was a kid, when my parents first noticed something off about my thinking process, about my way of viewing the world, and I can't say I'm any better off today, but I can say that I've met a lot of really interesting, intelligent people, learned a lot about myself along the way, and hopefully am helping the science of Psychology in the process so that one day other kids won't have to live with these problems like I did... like we all do.

19-01-09, 05:32 PM
did they diagnose you?

19-01-09, 05:44 PM
Major depression with anxiety disorder and relatively mild OCD, both of which I take medication for... I've been noticing manic tendencies lately, though... I go through periods of extreme, deep depression and then periods of strange euphoria, and since Bipoloar disorder usually manifests in late teen - early adult years, I'm a bit worried that the major depression was really early signs of bipolar.

19-01-09, 06:03 PM
Yeah, sounds like bipolar.

I recommend you watch the movie "How Mad are you" from the BBC.

Its available for download on mininova and other major trackers.

Bipolar is not that bad....compared to schizophrenia.

I know a girl, she looks normal, but all of a sudden she jumps and makes erratic movements, she jumps under cars etc...really devastating.

Also, my ex admitted on New Year's he was suicidal.

That was a shocker but I tried to stay calm and try to understand him.

"I don't need this life. I will be better off that. I want to die he said."

Damn, its sad to hear from someone you know.

In the summer he jumped in front of car in the centre of Sofia.

It all happened so quickly I forze, he was inches from getting killed.

I said "wtf are you doing"

He said, "I didn't see the car"

But I saw with my eyes how he deliberately jumped. I said please just don't kill yourself in front of me, I don't know whether I will be able to take it.

He said OK and I gradually forgot about this incident.

We broke up in September.

He said he didn't want to see me again.

Then, in December he started calling me wanting to come home, sleep with me etc

We got so drunk he cried "I love you blah-blah" I wanna die...

shit, thats really insane

So man, I think everyone has their ups and downs

I don't think shrinks and meds can help you just try to stay positive and do what you love

Are u suicidal?

19-01-09, 07:35 PM
Hi Meaty, so you went to a shrink, told you they were crap. you should have told her you wanted to fuck a dead guy, bet she would have shat her pants in shock, that would have cheered you up.

:sm (43): http://thumbnails16.imagebam.com/2411/3a09a024108603.gif (http://www.imagebam.com/image/3a09a024108603)

seriously - has anyone brought this whole necro thing up with a shrink before? what did they say? I mean, I know it's taboo and weird, but I think guys that like to get pissed on or shit on or dress up as bunny rabbits are weird too, doesn't mean they're sick. I'm just asking.

22-03-09, 03:31 AM
Hi guys,maybe you should be going a less to shrink and try more relax?! Like me,for example: i did take some of my most favorite pictures of the guys from a cute dead guys site, and i did a movie on DVD disc from them.In programīstudio 11ī. So now, i can rest in my bed,watch most cute dead guys on the TV screen and jerk. It is super!Fuck,better and more relaxing than sit before your computer and you need not to click on anything to change those pictures.And i am sure,it is better relax than lie on sofa in shrink,hehe. Meatpie,Can i sell the movie to paramount or sony pictures? Lol .Ehm,truth is,even through that,i have still depresions too.hahaha
This is mainly for those who are alone.Sex with dead and or at least alive friends is better relax,clearly. :sm (2)::sm (62):
Ofcourse,if you have little more serious mental problems,you need shrink too.

If you have MP4 and or sony PSP,you may also make a mp4 movie made of your most loved guys from CDG.I used program DVDFab platinum. Yeah! Donīt hold them hidden in your PCs like at prison!They are not criminals!At least some of them,hehe.Bring them with you on a fresh air! Now,you may watch your guys also in bus or train and :sm (1):.But donīt watch them by walking on street!Or you will be dead soon too,under some bus.
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I must also already to thanks to Meatpie,all CDG staff and all members witch are able and willing to post so many pics of guys!!! Thanks,without you this all would be impossibile. Your hard work is not useless !!! Maybe you even saved few lives. Yeah,sometimes,when you see so many pics. of horrible accidents and dead gore bodies,it may deepen our depressingness.But on the other hand,you are more carreful on the streets.At least i am.Sometimes.haha
Also maybe you saved few suiciders,which are feeling better,when they see here,that they are not alone with their deflections.Etc.Etc.I think somebody wrote this things already somewhere here.
Also i think,some potentional killers may ....i donīt know how to say it in english (they can calm down here). and without sites like this,they would go crazy and out of selfcontrol and kill somebody in (for) real.Who knows?
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So again THANX and big :sm (57):
Yours guys sincerely
amateur psychiatrist

Oh,and who carres if this site is worst or best,and if the director or president of this site is gore troll. lol Maybe only some stupid bitches whitch will get :sm (65): by hammers ;)

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22-03-09, 11:47 AM
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This image is also very beautiful. I guess its among your favourite pics?

Can we see your movie?