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We've had some good stories on the old sites - let's get them going again.
These two were on one of the previous sites, but I think one was oly on for a day or two before he site got taken down or hacked. asnyway, I've rewritten both a bit, so they're not complete reposts.
Inevitably they reflect my interests, which aren't everyone's (not even here!). I've called the thread 'dirty death' because most of my guys seem to mess their undies as one of their final acts - if that's a turnoff for anyone, you're welcome to start a 'clean death' stories thread! and of course anyone else who wants to add stories here is very welcome - variety is the spice of death, and my stories can get a bit samey if there's too many of them!

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The Noose

He woke early, stomach tight with nerves. Decision time.
He looked across the room, to the shower and the noose that he had tied the night before, step-ladder beside it.
To do or not to do? To die or not to die?
Fumbled for coin in his wallet. Heads I do it, tails I don't. Spun it. Heads!
Pushed duvet aside, got up, in the white briefs he had slept in. Reached for his jeans, then stopped himself. No need to get dressed, ever again. Walked across to the noose, aware of his fit young body, feeling his cock inside his briefs. That would never come again, unless... Shall I die naked? No, do it now, as I am - the noose will decide!
Climbs the ladder, puts the noose round his neck. The noose that will constrict his throat. The noose that will close his windpipe. What will happen during those final minutes - will I struggle, will I piss, will I shit, will I become erect? If I step off the ladder I give my body to the noose, to control as it will. The noose that will end my life. What will it be like? Agony? Pleasure? Just unconsciousness? I can still change my mind, remove the noose, get dressed, go to college.
Final decision. I give myself to the noose.
Steps off ladder, noose tightening into his throat. AArrrgghh, didn't think it would hurt this much. Swinging, trying not to struggle, to hold his hands down. No, the noose is in control, legs kicking, lungs gasping vainly for air. Oh God, I can't breathe! Torso suddenly clammy with sweat, mouth watering. I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Struggling, hands scrabbling at his throat, legs kicking wildly as he swings. Wet patch in briefs, faint dark of pubic hair through fabric, feels the warm wet down his legs. Face hot, tongue swelling, saliva dribbles down his chin. Can't breathe, can't breathe! Cramps in stomach, torso arching back and forwards, eyes bloodshot, cramps again, legs thrashing as he convulses, stomach cramps again. relief, then warmth on arse and thighs.
Oh God, I've soiled my pants.
Cramps again, convulsing, legs thrash, the noose emptying my bowels and bladder. A moment of peace Ė itís ok, Iím dying, swinging in my soiled white underpants for all to see, thatís ok the noose is in control, when itís emptied me Iíll die, spasmig again, agonecstasy in my arse warm deathshit in my pants, oh God, can't breathe, eyes throbbing, tongue blue protruding, can't breathe, cock stirring, bulging in my briefs, i'm emptying, toothache sex feel in my arse and cock, the noose is taking me, legs thrash and twitch, stomach contracts, crotch thrusting, erection in my briefs, uncut cock against my stomach, the godnoose has emptied me, filled my pants my soiled white briefs the mark of noosedeath, briefs slide down; i'm naked, the noose erecting me, contractions in my arse and cock, flashing in my eyes, everything thrashing, twitching, my God, sex-feel in my stomach in my arse in my cock, my God, dying naked going to come, my God, arse-orgasm ultimate fuck tunnel of light hurtling i'm going to come, oh God, I'm going to come orgasm death-spurt arcing from cock hanging naked ejaculating tongue out, final twitches, noose deep in neck, head lolls over, dribbles onto chest, final spurt from tip of cock, buttocks and legs limp now, arse limp newly-dead, body swinging naked, limp, erect.
It's over.

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Five cute lads get gassed

I work at the Population Reduction Unit - it's a cool job! We run a Death Suite - one large room with chairs and sofas and mattresses on the floor, a platform with a few nooses at one end, a few ties for strangling and garrotting, various pills (mainly ones that give a quick and 'interesting' death). No guns or knives - we don't want our guests taking us with them! And cubicles along the sides - some with sofas or mattresses mainly for couples who want to die together, a couple with nooses for those want to hang a bit more privately, a snakepit for those who want to die by cobra (that ultimate deadly phallic symbol - it as its appeal) and a couple of gas chambers - one little cubicle like an open-fronted phonebox for solo, with a mask for the gas a drain in the floor and a sling so a guy stays upright as he chokes, and a bigger one for guys who want to go together - size of a large lift, with a sofa across the back, the gas generator underneath, and a glass front so we can see what's going on. That's always a hot one - the guys are sitting there facing us as they choke and convulse together. The whole place is quite comfortable - sofas, mattresses and floor are covered with soft white waterproof plastic for easy cleaning - a lot of our guests lose control before they leave us! We keep the place good and warm, and encourage our guests to undress - that's more intimate for them, and makes the cleaning up easier - though most of us do like undressing a cute newly-dead guy! Some guys like to die naked and proud - but most are a bit shy, or maybe feel a bit vulnerable, so they're happier keeping at least their undies on. And if they're more relaxed staying fully dressed, that's OK. Except for the gas chamber of course - one of my friends let a shy guy go into the chamber fully dressed, and ended up dying with him when he started to undress the corpse ad got a lungful of gas caught in his clothes. So now the rule for the chamber is naked or undies, or shorts if there's nothing underneath.
It's a free service for young guys, so we have to make it friendly, fairly quick, and hopefully a bit of a memorable dying. Mostly guys come in of their own accord, solo or small groups - surprising how many students in particular decide to do their bit for population reduction together. If they book, they always get a choice of how to die, and whether to kill themselves or each other, or ask us to do it - again its surprising how many guys like their friends to strangle them, and the last one hangs himself or asks us to do it. But if a group turns up unbooked, sometimes we ask them to keep it simple and just step into the gas chamber. Our philosophy is that a guy should die quickly but should know that he is dying - it's the biggest event of his life and should feel like it. That means quite a few guys empty themselves, or get hard-ons, or come, and to us that's how it should be - the ultimate experience. And it's an intimacy to know that your partner, or your friends, are doing it with you - population reduction should be fun. We're all volunteers on summer jobs, and at the end of summer we get to go ourselves - that's next week, and we're looking forward to our death party. I'm going to go with my best friend Simon - we really want to share our death throes together.
Today was a good day - a group of students walked in, having decided spur of the moment over a coffee to do their bit for the world. It was coming up to closing time, so we asked them if it was Ok to share a gassing - they looked a bit scared, but said Ok. I told them briefly what was going to happen, and asked them to strip to their underwear. The tallest kid, Anthony, looked a bit embarrassed and when he took his jeans off we could see why - he wasn't wearing any underwear, and stood there stark naked. He was a good-looking lad - tall, reddish hair, very fair smooth skin slightly freckled, and a nice uncut cock dangling from his red-brown curly hair. I smiled at him 'OK Anthony, we have a tradition here - he who goes commando goes first'. 'Er, OK'. I led him to the solo cubicle, and strapped the sling round his chest, under his armpits, noticing his faint mansmell and feeling the warmth of his skin. It was hot to know that I was about to watch him die. I set the apparatus and gave him the mask, showing him how to switch the gas on when he was ready. He stood there looking a bit scared, then breathed right out, pressed the gas button, put the mask to his face and took a very long deep inbreath. He obviously wanted to go quickly, and knew how. By the time he'd finished, i could see his face beginning to flush, and his throat twitch as he tried not to cough. He held his breath, starting to sweat, his chest and throat gagging, his heart pumping the poison from deep in his lungsin a massive dose. He managed to hold his breath for several seconds, before he dropped the mask and started a desperate panting cough, his mouth wide open. I could see him salivating and within seconds he was starting to drool and gurgle, as snot started to run from his nose and his body was suddenly damp with sweat, his chest heaving with death in his lungs. He was starting to twitch all over, and suddenly his right hand moved towards his penis as he started to urinate. He tried to turn away, still aware enough to know he was pissing naked in front of me and his friends. But as he did the twitches turned into spasms, and I could see him clenching his nice rounded buttocks. His arms flailed to his stomach as he suddenly slumped, the sling taking his weight as his knees buckled, defecating as the convulsions took over his bowels. He turned back to face us, though I'd guess embarrassment was now the last thing on his mind, pissing down his legs then arcing into the air as he started his final erection. His head fell forward then jerked back up, his lips turning blue as he dribbled down his chin and onto his chest. his body thrust weakly back and forward as his legs thrashed, his fully-erect cock thrusting towards his friends as everything shuddered and twitched and he came again and again, his spunk fountaining from the cubicle. Then his head fell forward and lolled limply to the right, his last twitches fading away as his body slumped to the right, final dribbles of piss and come running from his cock onto his right thigh. Standing to the side, I could see his buttocks go limp, opening his crack to expose his limp open arsehole. It had all taken less than two minutes.

To be continued

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Five cute lads get gassed - part 2

The ohers looked a bit shocked and scared, though one, Rory, had his hand in front of his crotch and I guessed he was excited as well as scared at what was about to happen to him too. I looked them over as I led them to the chamber. Mark was at the front, quite tall, dark-haired, wearing losw white football shorts. Behind him was Rory, also tall, slim with curly dark hair and a cheeky face, wearing plain black boxer shorts, just slightly loose at the leg with a button front - slightly tented out! Then Matt, shorter, brown tousled hair, wearing quite low-cut dark blue briefs with white waistband and a pouch opening that showed off a nice package. Then Stephen, also quite short and slim, with wavy fair hair and a very innocent face, wearing small plain white y-front type briefs, no lettering on the plain crisp waistband, very clean and new and fitting perfectly. Something about him choked me - he looked so pure and virginal. They sat on the sofa facing me, Mark on the left hand end (to him) and Stephen at the right. Before I closed the glass door, I told them 'When the green light comes on, the door is sealed and the gas generator is ready. When you are ready, press the red button. The gas will come up from below. It will not be quite as quick as the cubicle, but I think you will feel things starting in about half a minute, and it should be over withi five minutes'. The sofa was a tight fit for four, and as I closed and sealed the door, they looked very cosy and intimate, sitting tightly side-by-side, naked except for their underwear, their bare legs touching. I noticed that Mark and Rory had their arms round each others shoulders, and Matt and stephen were holding hands. When the green light came on, they looked at each other for a moment. Then Rory leapt up, flashing his cheeky grin as he pressed the button, unbuttoning the fly of his boxers as he made a thrusting motion towards his friends, before sitting down again between Mark and Matt.
Normally there are a couple of clanks from the gas generator, then a loud fizzing from under the floor. This time there was only one clank and the fizzing was quieter than it should be. I realised that one of the cartons of chemical had failed to drop. The appparatus is accessible from outside, so I dived from my watching position outside the door to the inspection hatch. Sure enough, the dispenser under the left end of the sofa had jammed, and it took maybe half a minute to operate the manual back-up and free it. By that time, I could already hear coughing and gasping from inside the chamber. I rushed back to the glass door - my job to watch, and also my pleasure! The mist of gas was already round Stephen and Matt, but only just starting to reach Mark and Rory. Their faces were just starting to redden, but Stephen and Matt were bright red and gasping, clutching hands, their legs open and pressing against each other. I've noticed that before in the chamber - as the gas takes effect, a sitting guy often opens his legs, as if to show what's happening at his crotch. Stephen had already soiled his pants, the brown wetness under his balls startling againat the clean white cotton, sitting in his excrement as his spasms emptied his bowels into his undies. Matt was pissing, a stream running from the front of his briefs. As the spasms developed they turned towards each other, dribbling saliva onto each other's chests, their briefs tenting as their final erections developed, both pissing now, Matt's urine spurting through his briefs onto Stepehen's crotch. There were surprisingly few convulsions, but as they slumped onto each other they were rolling more onto their sides and I could see that they had massively dirtied themselves at the back, their briefs soiled to the waistband as they spasmed together. stephen's briefs were sagging now, the waistband pullig down to show the top of his crach between his clenching twitching buttocks. His head had slumped down Matt's front, his open mouth dribbling onto Matt's heaving choking chest, then gurgling and foaming against Matt's stomach. Matt's erection suddenly poked out of the fly of his briefs, blunt and uncut as it spurted his final orgasm onto Stephen's face and onto his stomach and crotch as Stephen's face slid further down, his foaming dying mouth dropping onto Matt's dying cumming erection. Stephen too came massively, inside his underpants. Then they slumped down limp and dead together, their drool mixing on their chins and chests, and their other fluids pooling on the sofa from their sodden pants. If Stephen had lived as clean, pure and virgianl as he had looked, he certainly hadn't died that way!
Rory must have been still conscious and just beginning to suffer as Matt lost control beside him. By now though he and and Mark were both well into their death throes, their arms clenching round each other. Mark's black boxers were soiled, the mess starting to spread down his thighs. His cock was erect through his open fly, a stream of piss arcing onto Rory, and past him onto Matt's dying back. Rory arched upwards in his spasms, and for a moment i was looking right up the leg of his white shorts - I could see piss running down his contracting balls and through his black pubic hair, and that he was defecating into his shorts. Then he slumped towards Mark, who was going into convulsions, his arm flailing down Rory's back, catching on the waist of his shorts and pushing them down. Rory arched again and twisted, this time rolling over away from Mark as he slumped. Mark's arm was still round him, and as he convulsed it pulled Rory back onto him, his now-naked arse against Mark's erection. To my amazement. Mark's convulsions thrust him against Rory, his erect penis between Rory's thighs then penetrating his dying friend, his final orgasm emptying into Rory as Rory's spurted onto Matts now-dead body. Then it was over, the four friends on the sofa, lying almost-naked against each other. A few minutes later they were totally naked, limp together in a shared coffin along with their friend Anthony who had gone before.

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thank you for the stories deaddirty.
they're awesome.
i'd love to read more:):):):)

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Thanks! I'll wite another next time I'm in the mood (had a mild flu bug this week, still a bit off-colour)

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Oh no, you too?

Is it the new flu?

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Oh no, you too?

Is it the new flu?

Doubt it - feels like just a summer cold. But it could be swine flu - most people in Uk are only getting very mild symptoms so its possible, guess Arrow was unlucky getting it really bad. anyay, I'm Ok now

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Here's a new story - been a long time since I wrote any.
And a bit of an informal poll - Part 1 is quite sweet and vanilla (so far as scat and hanging can ever be vanilla!), but two is a bit darker and raunchier. I prefer Part 1 - which do you prefer?

Part 1 - Chris and Mike

Know how busses always come in pairs or threes? Today at the Population Reducton Unit, we had two 'non-couples' walk through the door within five minutes, both asking to hang themselves together. 'Non-couples'- we all know them, the two guys who hang out together, often really close, but somehow you know they're not doing it sexually.
First pair in was Chris and Mike - really cute warm friendly young guys, always together, no surprise they wanted to be together as they died. Both very normal young guys, average height, cute good looks, Chris's hair fairer and Mike's darker, but quite a resemblance (could almost have been brothers, but they weren't). Before I'd even taken them through to the Death Rooms, the bell rang again. This time it was Cameron and Tony. I'd not liked them so much - Tony was quite tall, slightly ginger hair brushed sideways, freckly, quite good-looking in a good-natured sleepy sort of way - he was Ok. At first sight Cameron was the eye-catcher - fair hair, always trendily dressed (part-time model as well as student), very good-looking. But there was something hard about him, and I don't mean that nicely - an arrogance in his face, an attitude in his behaviour. Although he and Tony were often together, I wasn't the only one to feel that Cameron was exploiting Tony somehow - that Tony loved and wanted Cameron, but Cameron used that to get his way, led Tony on without ever giving him the sexual union that he wanted.
Anyway, Chris and Mike had got there first, and there's only one room suitable for a pair to hang - one of the side-rooms, with two side-by-side nooses at each end of a hanging bar across the back of the room. It's a new well-designed facility - below the bar there's a tiled trough and drain for anything that drips from the bodies as they die, and access to the nooses is by a little hydraulic platform. Couples generally want to hang themselves rather than have an attendant do it, so there's a button on the platform that lowers it maybe a foot, then swings it away. I showed all four guys the room in which they were about to die, and showed them how to work the switch. The room is open to the main Death Room, but there's a curtain - these days I'm expected to be in there with them as they die, but most couples don't want a bigger audience for their final struggles. I asked Chris and Mike to strip to the waist and remove their shoes, then led them through as Tony and Cameron waited for their turn.
They walked straight to the platform and up the steps, both trim and lean, their jeans complementing their slim torsos, Chris touching Mike's back briefly as they stepped up. They put the nooses round their necks quickly and quiety, facing each other up close, smiling as if they were trying on new clothes, Mike reaching up and adjusting Chris's noose slightly 'Glad I'm dying with you, buddy'. 'And you! Hope we stay together if we thrash about'. They looked round, I guess for anything to tie themselves together. We hadn't thought of that one, so there wasn't. Chris looked a bit embarrassed - 'I know how we can do it'. He undid his jeans and pushed them down to the knees, bending to a half-sitting position and motioning MIke to put his legs through the gap between his half-mast jeans and his crotch, where a rather nice bulge showed in his white briefs - plain white bikini briefs, very new looking, no fly opening or waistband, small and quite thin cotton. Mike also looked embarrassed - he started to step into the gap, then stopped. 'Hang on'. He stripped his jeans right off, naked except for his socks and briefs - also white small and low-rise, but a bit less new, with a plain waistband and a pouch opening. then he stepped through the gap, his thighs between Chris's , his lower legs behind Chris's jeans and legs. As they stood up, adjusted each other's nooses, and kissed briefly on the lips, their packages must have been touching. 'Hope I don't do anythig embarrassing'. 'It's Ok Chris, if you do I'll probably be doing it too'.
It was Mike who reached out and pressed the button to hang them both. The platform dropped then swung away, the nooses tightening round both necks fast but smoothly. Their windpipes closed almost at once, and within a few seconds they were starting to struggle , instinctively, the nooses biting into their necks, their faces almost touching as they started to flush, their arms and legs kicking, struggling, thrashing, their legs held together by Chris's jeans. After a couple of minutes their struggles were gettng weaker and less organised, their lips swollen and turning blue, saliva dribbling down their chins and starting to drip onto each other's struggling chests as their tongues started to protrude, their faces almost touching. I know from experience that that's when the convulsions and loss of control tend to start, so I switched my attention to their waists, swinging together at face height in front of my eyes.
Their packages were bigger now, I guessed both cocks were a bit engorged though not yet erect. Chris was the first to empty his bladder, piss soaking the front of his underpants before a jet shot out horizontally, onto Mike's package. I'll swear Mike's twitching right hand patted Chris's lower back, as if to say 'it's Ok, buddy'. Within second's Mike's stream was shooting back, both guys wetting themselves and each other as they struggled, their mixed piss runnig down their legs, soaking Chris's jeans and dripping from their scrabbling socked feet intio the trough. As they rotated, Chris's backside was in front of me, his buttocks clenching visibly through the thin white cotton, the outline of his crack visible through the fabric. I think Mike was the first to lose control of his bowels, but only by seconds, the back of his briefs bulging and sagging moments before Chris's also became soiled. It had a certain intimate companionship - the dying bodies spasming and twitching against each other as the dying friends emptied themselves almost in unison, anuses open as their soiled underpants sagged away from their crotches and the stains spread and became wetter, their now-soiled packages touching as their mess mixed on their thighs, in Chris's sodden half-mast jeans, and in the puddle that was forming below their twitching feet.
Looking in from the side, I could see that they both had erections now, their tented underwear pushing against each other, their bodies making feeble thrusting movements. Chris's cock was right up to the top of his bikini briefs, pushing them out from his stomach and showing the top of his light brown hair as his body arched back slightly, his legs open with Mike's between them. Mike's bulge was also erect, the tip just below his waistband. As Chris's contractions swung him forward, his cock slipped out of his briefs - long, quite thin, uncut, and coming to orgasm almost at once as his briefs slid down the shaft. The first spurts went onto Mike's stomach and the outside of his underwear, but as Chris spasmed and came his left hand swung in between them , somehow hooking inside the elastic of Mike's pants and pulling it out and down over his erection. His cock was a bit larger than Chris's, also uncut and a bit wedge-shaped, and for a moment their death-erections jousted tip to tip, spurting onto each other's members, stomachs and underwear, the spunk dribbling down each other's skin inside their underwear and onto their pubic hair.
The it was over - they dangled limp, their dead dribbling faces flopped on each other's shoulders, the spunk of their angel lust soaking their pubes, the intimate twinness of their soiled underwear startling as they rotated, ther body fluids mixing from the spittle on their chests via their spunked crotches and the shared mess on their thighs to the pool of fluids in the trough below.

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Part 2 - Cameron and Tony

After a minute, I remembered that Cameron and Tony were waiting in the main Death Room for their own hanging. The curtain was closed so they would not have seen Chris and Mike's death, but I wondered what they would have heard. I ducked through the curtain and found them sittig on a couch just outside, stripped to the waist and waiting. Tony was looking a bit scared, maybe a bit shocked. Cameron had a bit of a bulge in his trendy jeans, and I wondered if he'd been peeking through the curtains and winding Tony up by describing Chris and Mike's death struggles.
I led them through. Tony was visibly shocked and embarrassed by the hanged bodies, but Cameron darted over to them, pulling their limp hips apart to look at their dead erections and spunked stomachs. Then he followed Tony up the steps to the platform, where Tony was already putting on his noose. Cameron stood in front of him as he put also his noose on, something unpleasantly close to a sneer on his face. 'OK, baby blue, you're never going to have me like you always wanted, but you'll be cumming all over me as you die'. He reached down, undid Tony's jeans and pushed them right down to the ground, ignoring Tony's obvious embarrassment at being unclothed. 'Naff boxers'. Tony's boxers were plain dark blue, quite large but hugging his legs, with a button-fly front which Cameron undid. He undid his own jeans, like a model showing off his fashionable boxer-briefs - expensive make, white trim with multi-coloured print as he flaunted his package at Tony.
Suddenly Tony's face changed - the sleepy good-natured slightly dim look replaced by something harder. He reached out, moving fast for maybe the first time in his life, put his hands on Cameron's hips and swung him round, pushed his jeans right down and off, then his boxer-briefs down to his knees. Then, as Cameron's face registered astonishmentbut he had not had time to react, Tony pulled his legs apart and stepped between, forcing his lower legs into the legs of Cameron's boxers, pulling them ip by the waistband to hold their thighs tightly together. As he raised his hands he quickly opened his own fly - from the side I could just see that his member was thick and uncut, hanging down against Cameron's smooth bus and crack. I think Cameron was opening his mouth to scream, but before he could get the noise out Tony had pushed the button, and wrapped his arms tightly round Cameron from behind.
With Cameron being several inches shorter than Tony, his noose tightened first as the plaform lowered itself. I don't know if it was deliberate, but Tony's tight embrace meant that Cameron's rope took the weight of both guys for a couple of crucial seconds, the noose tightening into his neck at once and closing off his windpipe. The start of his scream turned into a short choking gurgle for just a second before his throat closed, and his asphyxiation started, Tony still clasping him tightly from behind as his struggles began. it was only seconds before he pissed, his quite small cut cock waving in mid air then squirting down his legs as Tony's hands pushed against it, his hard blond face reddening, the lips and nostrils already swelling and starting to dribble, a look of complete terror on his face.
Tony's noose had only half-tightened, half-closing his throat in a way that guessed would be erotic as he rode the back of his struggling dying 'friend'. I could see he was already half-erect when he loosened his grip and let his own noose tightened, his legs inside Cameron's boxer-briefs holding the struggling convulsing bodies tight together. As Cameron's cock rose into involuntary erection, Tony's let off a massive piss, down both pairs of legs, soaking Cameron's underwear round their knees, then the underside of his balls as Tony's erection developed. Within seconds Tony's swelling erection was between Cameron's clenching buns, against the crack that Cameron had told him he would never enter. Cameron was twitching now, eyes bloodshot and blue tongue protruding from his grey dribbling lips, his head lolling forward as if he was staring at his dying erect cock. His gut-spasms squirted mess as he lost control of his hole, involuntarily lubricating himself for what was about to happen, and dripping his excrement into his very visble fashionable underwear round his knees. I guess he was still alive enough inside his dying brain to know, and feel the humiliation. And the humiliation of a rising uncontrolled death-orgasm, his cock naked in mid-air and with an audience. As he started to cum, his whole body twitched and shuddered, his buns clenching and loosening, twitching against Tony's angel lust. I guess that triggered Tony's convulsions - his legs swung forward almost to a sitting position, carrying Cameron's now-limp thighs with him as if he was sitting on Tony's lap in mid-air. Then Tony's legs swung back, his crotch forward as his body arched in a mightly convulsive thrust, an audible slurp as his massive erection penetrated Cameron's self-hole, Cameron's dying limpness and Tony's death-convulsion taking him deeper inside than Cameron could ever have taken it except at the moment of death. I'll swear Cameron's mouth tried to open wider round his blue swollen tongue as Tony's first death-orgasm squirted into him, and his own last one emptied his cock into the air. After that, Camerons'body was completely limp. and grey apart from the blue tongue and lips, and I'm sure he was dead. But Tony's slower start meant that he was still dying, jerking and twitching with his member embedded to the hilt within Cameron's dead hole. From close up, I could see that he too had defecated during that convulsion and orgasm; the dark fabric showed lttle more than a large sagging bulge. Maybe their holes had emptied in unison during their death-fuck, and were still open, Tony's twitching inside his boxers and Cameron's stretched and impaled in death, his limp weight now pushing him even further round Tony's erection. To my amazement, Tony carried on twitching for maybe another minute, then the twitches developed into a shuddering spasm, hands and feet shuddering, and I realised he was cumming again, into the corpse as he too passed into the limpness of death. A few dribbles of his fluids, from both front and back, dripped into Cameron's underwear round their knees and mixed with Cameron's, and the thwo united bodies swung in death.

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Wow, Iīm sorry, that my English is to bad to unterstand everything, but that makes someone like to go to the Population Reducton Unit


26-11-10, 03:43 AM
And what did you do then????? It is wonderful to picture all this! thanks.

29-11-10, 06:50 PM
Thanks - glad someone enjoyed!

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And what did you do then????? It is wonderful to picture all this! thanks.

Hang and let hang...

02-12-10, 04:13 AM
Here is one I wrote a long time ago when I was a young and innocent necro:


A gay friend of mine had just finished his courses in funeral management and a group of gay buddies were having a few drinks with him in celebration. He had also just landed a job at a local funeral home, so we had a lot to celebrate.

We were getting pretty drunk and my friend mentioned how cool it would be if I came in one day and helped him prep a body. I had always been interested in the process, so I said I would love to some day. "Just give me a call some day," I replied.

Yesterday, he called me and told to come on in and that a corpse was on its way from the hospital morgue. With a gulp, not knowing what I was getting into, I got in my car and made the short trip to the back door of the funeral home. I tapped at the back door, in fear that someone else would hear me.

Thankfully, my friend opened the door and let me in. He assured me that no one else was around, so I was not to worry about being somewhere I was not supposed to be.

He led me into the prep room filled with bottles, tubes, pumps, etc. Lying in the middle of the small room on a gurney was a body bag with its unknown contents. My friend said, "Wait till you see this!"

I assumed the stiff would be some old woman or something like that. He unzipped the body bag and there is this 18-year-old stud. Absolutely gorgeous! My friend said he had been in a car accident and broke his neck. The guy was DOA at the hospital... just slipped into the body bag and set aside!

My friend rolled the body bag on its side and dumped the contents onto the worktable. Our stiff was still wearing baggy shorts, and a old tee shirt. You could see a bulge through the shorts, but we will save that till later! He was small, about 5 feet 5 and probably weighed about 145. I could envision him going down the street on a skateboard. On closer inspection, I noticed that no one had bothered to shut his eyes. So, there he was staring at us! My friend smiled and said, "Let's get to work."

Rigor and come and gone, and our boy was again limp and pliable. We stripped him of his clothing. Since there were no wounds or bleeding, just that broken neck, we were able to simply pull his clothing off him without cutting it. His sweet face, smooth and somewhat muscular body being pulled and twisted as we stripped him caused my cock to become so hard. I think it stayed hard all afternoon!

We finally pulled down his last vestibule of modesty, his boxers. His limp cock fell to the side as my mind took a quick measurement. I pointed out to my friend that it must have been very hot when it was hard. My friend just laughed, which explained itself later.

Our stiff was then treated to a sponge bath. We, of course, paid careful attention to the crotch area. I gasped as my friend stuffed a wad of cotton up our little guy's ass. He laughed and said that it keeps them from leaking! yuk!

My friend suggested with an almost evil tone that now would be the good part.

He hooked up the embalming machine, made some adjustments with some other equipment and began embalming our dead friend. My friend told me to watch what he was going to do now. He injected the needle close to the base of the skater's sadly limp cock. Within seconds the cock grew to a full seven inches... hard as a rock.

I flushed with sexual excitement. When it was at its hardest, he suggested I go ahead and touch it. I didn't need to be asked twice. I stroked our dead friend's cock for several minutes. I only wish he could have cum! He didn't seem to mind my stroking him, though!

My friend and I both had our own cocks out by now and were jacking our hard cocks. As we both came, we shot our cum onto the skaters hard dick. My friend suggested we just leave it there! Awesome!

Eventually, we dressed the dead boy and placed him in his casket. He looked sweet lying there all dressed up. And, it was especially nice to know that it was not all in vain, his little body gave a couple dudes a hot afternoon!

The End

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Keep it up.

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fantastic description, love where the imagination took him

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Great stories
Thank you

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Deaddirty part two of your story is how I want to hang. I want to hang with someone and slide my death wood into their ass while we're both hanging. Have my hairy chest pressed agains their back while I cum and piss inside their messy hole. Then feel my ass loosen as I empty my bowels into my briefs.

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