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11-09-10, 06:25 AM

11-09-10, 06:43 AM

11-09-10, 06:45 AM
time out

11-09-10, 11:03 AM
LT, you have so many friends here and we have had great time together. Why are you sad? Tell us, might make you feel better.

Life can be sad, yes I don't deny that. Actually sometimes it can get so bad and so sad it's hard to bear.

I won't tell you "don't be sad, cheer up".


I've been there, I know how devastating such feeling can be.

Be sad. That can actually be healthy sometimes.

But don't sink into despair, do something, something small that will make you feel better like going out shopping with friends or best find someone to fuck.

All people are like that - the happy moments are quickly gone, everything is so transient and we have to prepare to face our ends all alone.

01-12-10, 05:01 PM
thanks Meatpie, i didn't think anyone would reply.

11-12-10, 11:53 AM
the Mad World is a very nice music but even the most depressing track I have ever heard. makes me feel sad... :(

11-12-10, 02:54 PM
hey guy,
im sorry you felt like this at the time you wrote this,
i hope you have resolved your feelings by now, ive not seen this before or
i would have responded earlier, i know words are cheap and they usually dont help much,
but since i dont know you personally all i can do is wish you the very best.
wish i could give you a hug and hold you.

05-01-11, 09:04 AM

05-01-11, 09:14 AM
Sorry to hear you're feeling down LT. Hope things work out for you 2011.

And this is how I feel....


24-01-11, 04:20 PM
Thanks guys. I am not as depressed now it is nice to know that people care. Rock on Brothers and thanks for caring.

P.S. I like World On Fire too!

05-04-11, 05:39 AM

I have never just sat and figured this one out....but now that I have all I can say is : YOU REALLY KNOW SOME DAMN FINE ROCK!!!!! PLEASE ...FEEL FREE TO SHARE MORE WITH ME!

26-09-11, 09:21 AM
LTmyselfni, don't know you, just a Newbie here, but as stustustugoo said her's a mental hug from me too.
Little steps.

Beuen, great choice of 'Fix you' by Coldplay.

26-09-11, 09:29 AM
Actually, not sure if I should post this, but been thinking about you LTmyselfni, have you ever heard the Annie Lennox song 'Why' ?
The rant at the end when she says "and this is how I feel, do you know how I feel, I don't think you know how I feel"
look at it like, at least you're not alone in being alone, just in the same boat as every other person on the planet ultimately.

26-09-11, 05:44 PM
LT hope you're doing well :party beer:
BTW, I love that movie, Donnie Darko, and of course Jake Gyllenhaal who plays the character