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07-09-10, 10:03 AM
The 2010 Canterbury earthquake (also known as the Darfield earthquake and the Christchurch earthquake) was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake,[1][2] which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am on 4 September 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC). It caused widespread damage and several power outages, particularly in the city of Christchurch. Two residents were seriously injured, one by a falling chimney and a second by flying glass. One person died of a heart attack suffered during the quake, although this could not be directly linked to the earthquake.




11-09-10, 11:03 AM
Considering the magnitude and relatively shallow depth of the quake we got off very, very lightly indeed compared to other events like Haiti. I guess our building codes, attributed to solid understanding and research into earthquakes meant there were miraculously no deaths directly attributed to collapse or other trauma. I've just come back home from being down there helping friends and family with clean up and I'm glad to be on ground that's not shaking....shouldn't speak too soon as I live in Napier which in 1931 suffered a 7.9 quake and we're overdue for the next big one !! I'd like to say how muh I enjoy the site and any tips on finding pics and stories before others do would be greatly appreciated...cheers...M

11-09-10, 12:58 PM
Hi m8, thank you for your kind words for the site.

I am sorry about what happened in NZ, what a great nation, I have never been there but amazing how no one died in what is by all standards a powerful earthquake.

I guess the saying "Earthquakes don't kill people - buildings do" has been proven correct once again.

Good building codes are essential for avoiding mass death during such a disaster.

To tell you the truth I was unaware that large earthquakes could occur on the South Island, I mean everyone knows about California and the San Andreas fault but I had no idea New Zealand was also near a major fault.

My country is also doomed from a geological perspective, we have small earthquakes almost daily as the African plate pushes into the Eurasian plate.

I have experienced earthquakes, I was on the Black Sea when the 1999 quake struck Turkey, it was 7.6 and I nearly pissed my pants.