View Full Version : Coming at ya, what do u do?

31-08-10, 03:40 PM
How would u like to see this headed towards you? Living in Illinois I have seen 2 tornado's. I was about a mile away from them and headed to the basement since we live in the country. We do a lot of storm preparedness in our State. When you first see a tornado, your so in awe at seeing an actual one in person, that you temporarily forget the danger and destruction they can cause.

31-08-10, 05:24 PM
Not I! When I was a kid one went over my Aunt's house (I was spending the night). We were in her basement and it felt like all the air was sucked out...like we were about to be squeezed to death right at that moment, their was a loud ripping-crunching sound and the whole house shook. It had torn the garage roof off. The roof was found 4 houses away in their swimming pool, intact! I was 10 and that scared the shit out of me, but in a weird way I liked the excitement of it.:breakfast:

31-08-10, 05:34 PM
I have never seen a tornado but from what you guys are saying and from clips I've seen it is definately something I don't want to meet while out biking.

31-08-10, 05:39 PM
I asssure you Meatpie you do not want to be on the earths surface! If nothing else try to find the lowest point you can, jump in ditch...ETC:secret room:

01-09-10, 05:18 PM
We don't get tornadoes here, but thanks for the advice.

05-09-10, 02:34 AM
That looks AWESOME! I'd rather stay away and just see in pictures. Must be absolutely terrifying.