View Full Version : HAIL, the sizes of oranges destroys a village in Bulgaria

07-08-10, 08:24 PM
While Russia burns, Bulgaria is pummelled by massive supercell storms with large hail.

This is from yesterday.


09-08-10, 04:47 PM
I've seen hail most of my life here and there in NY, some bigger than others, but last year in Florida I had a strange experience
a thunder storm came up which is normal, but suddenly the rain changed to hail - large pieces of ice
the hot, humid day turned cold in seconds making steam rise every where, it was awesome
the air changed too, the smell was so strange, like a clean and crisp ozone or ionization
as the ice hit, plants lost leaves and branches, car alarms went off, but nothing like this tragedy in Bulgaria - wow!

09-08-10, 04:52 PM
Imagine if you get grapefruit size hail in NYC with all those glass office buildings and fine cars.

As global warming intensifies this is not impossible.

09-08-10, 05:01 PM
I know man, it's devestating - NYC would be ruined
great video from BG by the way!

09-08-10, 05:09 PM
Thanks man. I have a bad feeling about the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season. Water in the Gulf is very warm and with that oil disaster, poor US.

Russia is fucked but US not doing good either.

Imagine living in Louisiana and a murky crocodile covered in oil comes up and eats your cocky and toes

09-08-10, 06:05 PM
a murky crocodile covered in oil comes up and eats your cocky and toes

:shock: :hard lol:

10-08-10, 03:01 AM
you guys are SO FUNNY - I luv this group!! :hahahahha: