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Here is the first half of a story - not fiished yet, but better post it quick in case this 'compromised access' problem happens again.
It's very much centred on my particular turn-ons, but maybe a bit different. Hope you like!

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The Mark of Naja

The new religion and laws have made quite a difference to me - now I work as an attendant at the Court and Temple of Naja, the cobra-god of death. There's about ten of us attendants,and we work in pairs - today Nick is my assistant, it's his first day - and he's very cute! I've only ever seen the priests once, at my induction ceremony, and then it was just their heads, watching from a balcony - there was something very strange about them, but I haven't worked out what. And whenever the priests are around there is a faint smell of death - like cobra-bite, I guess the guys can smell their death even before it happens. It's a great job - you see it all happen from bite through to death, and I love the intimacy of being with a guy through his death, then stripping his pants off and seeing his dead nakedness. And Naja, the ultimate death-erection, gives a good dying. Of course they don't all die - it's a sort of trial by ordeal really. But most guys who go into the snakepit will die in the next hour or so, and they know it - I've stripped far more corpses than I've let living guys go.
Today we had an unusual 'trial' - two guys together, accused of being gay. That is an offence against Naja - only He, the death-phallus, is allowed to enter a male. Of course the two guys had denied being lovers, but the court had sent them for trial by Naja. I looked them over as they were led in - Ricky quite short and slim, cute, black hair and quite dark brown skin, and Mike a bit taller, white, with fairish brown hair and quite a muscular body. Mike was doing the hetero bit, acting like he hardly knew Ricky and what was all this about, but the way Ricky looked at him told me they were close.
I gave them the normal explanation of what would happen. They would strip to their underwear (no man should be naked with Naja, but nor must he wear any protection from a bite), then go down the steps into the snake pit, where the cobras would be loose and angry. Eight of them - two huge king cobras, the earthly embodiments of Naja, and six smaller snakes. Then it was up to them and Naja - the gate would close behind them, and the only way out was into the temple of Naja (we called it the death-room, but we did not tell them that) at the other end.
'If you are innocent, Naja will not bite, and if Naja decides you deserve a second chance he wil give a dry bite and you will survive. But if you are guilty, Naja will deliver death-bites'.
Mike tried to sound unconcerned 'I'll be Ok then. But, er, if Naja does, er, what will happen - how long does it take, and is it painful?'
'Its not like a viper bite - that's slow and agonising. There's normally a bit of swelling and throbbing at the bites, but mainly Naja paralyses the nerves. If it's a serious bite, you will find your eyelids drooping, then your mouth and neck, then your limbs, and finally Naja will stop your breathing and the end is by suffocation. For a single bite it normally take a couple of hours, but if there are several bites it can be much quicker.' Both Ricky and Mike were looking quite scared now, instinctively moving closer to each other. I said gently 'It is time to undress now. Leave only your underpants on. Of course your clothes will be returned to you if you survive.'
'Can we not dress again in the temple, after whatever happens in the snakepit'.
'No. you will wear only your underwear until you die or are released. That way we can see what Naja wishes, and it makes any cleaning-up easier.'
Ricky gasped. 'Cleaning up?'
'Mostly the death process is as I described. But occasionally in the later stages, the victim loses control of his bowels'. Ricky looked horrified, and Mike went bright red. 'You mean, we may soil our pants?'. 'Relax, it does not happen often, and only near the end. And here it is not a disgrace - we call it the Mark of Naja, and the priests believe it means that Naja is emptying you, to be with him in the hereafter'.
They stripped off, rather slowly, leaving their trousers till last. Ricky looked very embarrassed. 'Come on, I've seen it all before.' He and Mike unzipped their jeans and took them off - Ricky wearing a pair of small red slip-briefs and Mike some white Calvin Klein boxers showing the bulge of a fine package. My heart sank a bit for Ricky - cobras do not like red! Both were trying not to look at each other, surprisingly embarrassed at being almost naked together. I guessed they had never actually made love, however much they might have wanted to, and wondered if Naja would spare them, or judge them on the obvious if unconsummated attraction. I have to say, if I was Naja I would want them for myself, and already I had a sense that this would not be just a normal day's trial and death.
'OK' I said briskly, 'time to go'. I pointed them down the steps, and walked briskly to the Temple where the controls are (there's a gantry for attendants and priests - we don't go through the snakepit!). The controls are by the door of the Temple/death room; there's also a sofa (upholstered with plain waterproof white plastic, for obvious practical reasons given what sometimes happens on it), a white marble slab-like altar, and behind it a white marble two-seat throne with a rather incongruous drainage pit in front of it - I had never seen either throne or altar used.
As soon as I reached the controls I raised the gate to the snakepit. After a moment's hesitation, Mike set off running, dodging from side to side as he approached each snake. To my surprise, he reached the steps to the Temple of Death unbitten. I had the upper door open, and closed the metal gate from the pit as soon as he was on the steps. I let him get his breath for a minute, then inspected him carefully - sure enough there were no bites - and I admired his muscled legs, and the bulge in his boxers. 'Congratulations - it looks as if Naja has judged you innocent. You will stay here overnight just in case there is a bite I haven't seen, but in the morning you may go'.
He did not look as relieved as I had expected 'What about Ricky?'
Ricky had started off just behind Mike, but then stopped, watching his friend's zigzag run with his heart in his mouth. Now I signalled to him to make his own run. He copied Mike, dodging from side to side, and I thought he too would make it unscathed. Then as he dodged past the last group of cobras he skidded, slipping sideways straight into the group and falling over. All threee cobras reared up and struck, aiming at the red briefs. Mike gasped 'Oh no!', as Ricky picked himself straight up and ran to the steps and up to the Temple. Mike hugged him briefly 'You Ok, Ricky?'. Ricky got his breath and looked himself up and down. 'Er, I may be'. I walked over and said gently 'Let's have a look', scanning his smooth skin carefully but quickly for bite marks, from the head down. There were none on his upper body, but when I reached his thighs I saw two red swellings starting to appear. 'Two bites - but the marks are quite small, they may be dry bites. Is there any pain?'
'A bit of throbbing'. a pause. 'Actually I think there's a third'. He reached round and patted his right buttock with his hand. I gently pulled his briefs down, just enough to look. Sure enough,there was already a large red mark on his smooth bun, just to the right of his crack. I knew instinctively that that was no dry bite, but a full-on bite from the king cobra - almost certainly a death-bite. 'That doesn't look so good'.

07-06-10, 08:06 PM
Mike and Ricky looked at each other, and the love was obvious - I could sense Mike willing Ricky to survive, and they hugged again, long and close. But within a couple of minutes, I noticed Ricky's eyelids start to droop, and very soon he was starting to salivate, and i could see him shaking slightly. When things develop that fast, it's almost always fatal.
Mike spotted it too, and gently led Ricky to the sofa, and sat him down. Mike looked at me and whispered 'Is he going to be OK?'. I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered back 'No, I don't think so. But you're OK - you can leave him now if you like''
Then Mike surprised us both. 'No! Ricky, I love you. I'm staying with you, and if you're going to die I'm dying with you'. And before I could stop him he ran out of the door, back down into the snakepit, and straight towards a group of four cobras, one of them a king. He stopped, and in one movement turned round, pushed his boxers down, and bent his knees, mooning his naked arse at the rearing cobras. All four struck, three onto his thighs; but the king delivered a massive strike, straight between his thighs and into the base of his crack. Mike yelped and shot bolt upright, pulling his pants up before running back inside. He looked me straight in the eyes and said 'that's a death bite. I know it is'. I gently turned him round, and he pushed his pants down and bent over for me to look. The bite was just in front of his anus, already red and throbbing. He pulled the boxers back up, the Calvin Klein waistband crisp-white against the tanned body that would soon be dying, the poison already spreading inside.
I could see him clenching his butts, and guessed the throbbing was getting intense, his package enlarging a bit from the stimulation. Nick my assistant was looking at it too - not wanting to appear interested, but I could see he was excited knowing he was about to watch these two gorgeous guys die, with only their underwear protecting their modesty during their final minutes. Our eyes locked, and we thought as one 'He's gay, he's utterly turned on by this and so am I - and we want each other'.
Mike's face suddenly went pale, and I saw his eyelids were drooping -the venom was already starting to do its work. His mouth opened slightly, and I could see him swallowing repeatedly as he started to salivate. He was slightly unsteady as he walked to the sofa and sat down beside Ricky - now a very pale Ricky, his eyelids drooping, his open mouth dribbling down his chin and onto his chest, his head flopping forward then jerking back up as he started to lose control of his neck, shifting uncomfortably on the sofa from the throbbing in his arse. Mike put his arm round him, holding him as they both felt the paralysis spreading through their bodies, their twitches the start of their death-struggles, turning to face each other, their drooling mouths touching, Mike'scock half-erect in the pouch of his boxers from the throbbing bite on his ass.
Ricky's lips wer going grey now, and I could see he was starting to gasp for breath. Naja is not often so quick! He slumped sideways and down, dribbling onto Mike's chest which was also starting to heave rather weakly. Both were twitching clenching and shuddering, as if trying to control their dying bodies. I saw a movement lower down, and realised it was a stream of urine, soaking the front his briefs and fountaining onto Mike's crotch. His head jerked down and even through the grey pallor of approaching death I could see his embarasssment. Mike's arm twitched tighter, and his mouth slurred 'Isss OK, buddy', let's let it happen'. He seemed to stop fighting, and his own piss soaked the pouch of his boxers, mixing with Ricky's. Almost in unison, they lost control of their bowels, the rear of Ricky's briefs sagging to expose his crack as Mike emptid himself into the seat of his boxers. The dying guyus were slumping now, their bodies rapidly going limp, their shared los of control seeming an intimacy not an embarassment. Ricky rolled over sideways, the mark of Naja filing the rear of his briefs as his head flopped down Mike's chest and stomach, then onto his boxers, his mouth slobbering onto Mike's half-erection as his breathing failed. To my amazement Mike came in his pants, feeble gushes of spunk mixing with Ricky's spittle as a great spasm shook him. His head flopped back, a gurgle as he swallowed his tongue, then forward as his body tipped forward onto ricky's, his hand sliding down Ricy's back to the the top of his crack above his saging briefs. The last muscles in both guys' chests failed as Naja did his work, their breathing rapidly failing as they suffocated together, their fluids mixing in the pool between Mike's thighs.
After maybe five minutes it was over, both bodes grey, limp and dead. Nicky was staring fascinated, his hard-on obvious inside his trousers. It must have been the first time he had ever watched a guy die, ad what a pair of deaths he had seen! I was hard too.
I put my hand on his shoulders 'Naja has taken them. Now we must strip and clean the bodies, and leave them for Naja to enter'. I paused. 'When there is a mess to clean up, I often strip to my underwear - that way I don't get anything on my uniform'. Nick looked at me, and we read each other's minds in our faces - both turned-on as hell, wanting the corpses and wanting each other, aware of the temptation and of the terrible danger of succumbing in Naja's temple, of taking what belongs to Naja. I undressed and he followed suit, stripping to a pair of perfectly-fitting y-fronts, plain white with no name on the crisp elastic. His interest in the large package in my pouch-front jockeys was obvious. In the back of my mind, I seemed to hear a faint hissing.
Nick lifted Ricky's head off Mike's crotch, then held the limp floppy body by the armpits as I pulled his soaked soiled briefs off. His newly-dead cock was quite small, uncut. We rolled him over, face-down wibent over the sofa, and cleaned him up, my hands washing his still-warm crack, the swollen bite oh his bun qhite hot, with that cobra-smell of death, his dead hole limp and slightly open. Then we reversed roles, me holding Mike's still-sitting body by the armpits as Ricky took his sodden underwear off, exposing his half-erect dead cock gobbed with his final ejaculation. The hissing was louder. We lookd at each oher an at the corpses, Mike's half-erect cock and Ricky's open crack exposed. It was too much - we knelt down side by side, pushed our undies down round our thighs. I thrust my tongue into Ricky's crack and hole, and Nick and went down on Mike's cock, licking the spunk. then we turned to face each other, our rock-hard cocks touching, kissing and tonguing, the taste of Ricky's death-cum in our mouths. We wwere naked and about to make love in Naja's death-temple.
The hissing was overwhelming now, and as one we realised that the priests had glided - slid - into the temple and were poised behind us, watching us. Now I coud se them clearly down to the waist, the temple rails still hiding their lower parts. Now I could see what was odd about them; their faces were grey, their eyelids drooped shut, their mouths open and drooling over bluegrey tongues and lips, their chests motionless with no movement of breating, the death-smell of cobra strong. They were dead, dead from cobra-bite. The hissing formed into words in our heads - 'You have down as we did, you have taken what belongs to Naja and exposed your nakedness to naja in his very temple. Now Naja will take you, enter you, and make you his servants. You will die together and serve naked together, but Only when you have served will you have each other'.
a cold chill gripped my heart, and Nick looked terrified. slowly we stood up, pulling our undeRwear up, knowing what must happen next.

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