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03-05-10, 09:40 PM
Jake and Kyle were best friends. Kyle's gay but Jake didn't have any idea about it,so Kyle had the advantage because he can act as if he was straight and Jake thought of Kyle being straight so he can fool Jake that his actions were just like playing around with a brother.

It's prom night when Jake went to Kyle's house to fetch him and pick up their dates. Jake went upstairs to get Kyle when he overheard Kyle talking with his mother on the telephone, Kyle thenshouted,"Yeah,now you know I'm gay,happy?". Jake was shocked of what he heard, he tried to walk away but he had to confront Kyle about keeping it from him. When Kyle went out, Jake confronted him and said "You're gay? why didn't you tell me?" Kyle answered, "I was afriad I'll disgust you." Jake answered back and said "Now you do." and he turned around. Kyle felt anger, he wanted his friend that much so he hit Jake's head with a vase, Jake fell down the narrow staircase, Jake's body rolled from top to bottom. Kyle tried to revive his friend, he ripped open Jake's shirt to expose his heavenly body and to give Jake cpr, but it was too late, Jake died immediately after his fall. Kyle was so sorry for what he did but this would be the first and last time that this could happen. Kyle really loved Jake he would evendie for Jake if Jake asked him to but that's impossible now because Jake's dead, Kyle had to deal with Jake's death, atleast he can have more fun with Jake's body now that Jake's dead. He unzipped Jake's fly and he didn't saw any underwear on Jake so direct to the cock no more distractions. He took off Jake's glossy dress shoes and smelled it and Jake's socked feet but before he removed Jake's clothes, he took one last picture of his dead friend. Kyle didn't even bother to go to the prom because he had a private party in his room with Jake. Kyle took off Jake's clothes in his bed except for Jake's socks, it remained on Jake's feet. When Kyle was done having great necro sex with Jake, He left Jake in his giant refrigirator which he takes good care of for about a week.Jake was wearing nothing except for his black socks. after that week Kyle joined CDG and posted Jake's final picture.

***this is just a fantasy of mine after seeing the passed out guy in suit posted by jaksonne.***

04-05-10, 07:31 AM
Jake is so Cute, I love him.

04-05-10, 12:13 PM
I love him too that's why I was inspired to make a new story including him as a character but I don't really know what's his name. I just like the name Jake.

06-05-10, 04:34 AM
hot story

06-05-10, 08:15 AM
***Edited from bootlust's nazi hotel, just tried to change the clothes and roles.***

You might have considered the local innkeeper a collaborator--doing business with the arrogant business executives occupiers of his village. He always seemed to be offering these executives what their egos craved the most, finely polished patent-leather dress shoes for sale.....cheap. On this particular day, two junior executives dropped by to have a look at his DRESS SHOES STOCK. Being an innkeeper, he played the role of the the best of hosts, offering them the finest liquor in the house- all of it they want -while he disappeared--supposedly to fetch shoes for them to try on.

Very soon, the two men begin to feel the effects of their cocktails- the innkeeper's very special mixture of whisky and a potent, quick acting sedative powder. The blond goes down first, a dazed and surprised expression crosses his face before it goes blank as his body slumps over against the chest of his companion. Not quite passed out yet, the second man seems bewildered as he looks down at the mop of blond hair between his legs. The innkeeper, who has stepped back into the picture (sans boots) inquires if his groggy guest would like his drink refreshed. Not waiting for an answer, he presses a chloroformed rag over the young executive's face, announcing, now with undisguised sarcasm, "Here's your refresher!"

Too sedated to fight back, the young executive tries to raise his arms, but they are too heavy. His well-dressed feet pound the floor for a few seconds in protest, then go motionless. His eyes fix briefly on his host, then lose focus as his body goes totally limp.

Now with both his young "customers" out cold, and with an eye to future business, the innkeeper closely inspects the dress shoes each man is wearing . THEY ARE FINE PATENT-LEATHER...AND THEY LOOK VERY FAMILIAR! Yes! He's sold these shoes before! How they came to be on the feet of these two sleeping beauties, he didn't know. The officers may have traded for them. Maybe they won them at cards. Maybe they pulled em off other wasted execs. Whatever. Now their shoes were about to be "RECYCLED into his backroom stock". Their owners wouldn't need them where they were going.

But there was time now for a bit of PLEASURE BEFORE BUSINESS. Neither of the two limped out young men showed the slightest objection as their host amused himself by playfully casting them in a few of his favorite fantasy roles. First, he moved their bodies apart, to make a bit of room so he could wedge himself in between them on the couch. Once seated , he pulled their bodies, still in their suits, toward him until he could hug them against him. The three of them did make make a pretty picture all huddled together on the small love seat. As he lit up a cigar, the innkeeper whispered in the blond's ear, "Just because you bastards have taken our village, insulted and disrespected us, is no reason we can't be good pals just for now, hey?" With the glowing cigar clenched between his teeth, he spread his knees, then forced the dark haired officer's face down between them. "Here! Enjoy the smell of my crotch, my friend!" Next, he grabbed a mop of the blond's hair, forcing the young man's face to tilt up and back. "What an excellent cigar this is! Want to try a puff?" Getting no reply, the inn keepershotgunned a thick wad of yellowish smoke right into the blond executive's open mouth.....

After a few more of these one-way exchanges, the innkeeper pushed his “pals” bodies aside and stood up. "This has all been fun, but now we do really have to get down to business." Raising up the blond's feet by his shoe heels, the innkeeper announced , "First these black beauties have to go back into my inventory." The blond's patent-leather shoes slide off easily. The dark haired officer's shoes took a bit of tugging, but soon they too were lying empty on the floor beside their owner's socked feet. The innkeeper then set about the (for him) not unpleasant task of undressing his two guests. He started by unbuttoning and opening their coats and shirts. He popped all the buttons on the flies of their trousers then pulled the men's trousers and their boxers down their legs to their black socks. All the while, the innkeeper was savoring his favorite kinky fantasy.He imagined to himself that his guests really wanted to be lying stripped butt naked before him. More than that, he imagined both the handsome young executives now really wanted to feel his lips teasing their nipples. Now they were proudly offering up their private parts, inviting him to admire them too. The dark haired "superman" even wanted his black socks pulled off and his toes sucked. But, the inkeeper reserved his kinkiest fantasy for the blond. He imagined this young officer begging him to play "Milk Maid" with him. The innkeeper was happy to oblige and was quite surprised when the blond actually did respond to him by stiffening up and, after a bit of coaxing, shooting forth "quite a bucket full!"

When the innkeeper was finaly done thus amusing himself, he stood for a moment just enjoying the site of the two stripped executives sprawled out, --one on the couch, the other nearby his comrade on the floor. Around them lay various discarded parts of their clothes, and, oh yes, two pairs of empty, highly polished patent-leather shoes.

The innkeeper's friends in the resistance had come to expect that when he notified them he had a ”Pick Up”, they would find what he called his good looking young execs. lying unconscious, their bodies laid out neatly side by side in a back hallway of his hotel. Nobody cared that the younger, more handsome would usually be stripped naked from the waist down.

For his services, the innkeeper was welcome to keep his young customers' S-S-U (Shoes, Socks and Underwear.) Most of these items he then sold back to future employee customers . (It's always good business to RECYCLE invertory). Since his prices were amazingly low, none of his customers ever seemed to care how he'd come to possess his wares. And every young officer who bought a pair of patent-leather shoes from him, was sure to receive a special invitation for a complimentary specialty cocktail during the Inn's Happy Hour.

17-05-10, 04:46 AM
Jake and Kyle were best friends. Kyle's gay but Jake didn't have any idea about it,so Kyle had the advantage because he can act as if he was straight and Jake thought of Kyle being straight so he can fool Jake that his actions were just like playing around with a brother.

That's a hot story about Jake, goes exactly with the picture! Did you write more about him? Only question is why you left his socks on. You made it a point to say you were taking everything off except his socks. Just wondered.

17-05-10, 01:17 PM
great story, thank you

18-05-10, 03:21 PM
because I also have a black socks fetish.

20-05-10, 01:46 AM
^^ I liked that little touch - Hot story

20-05-10, 07:34 AM
because I also have a black socks fetish.

Hey dude! What bout that avatar pic you got?? That looks hot, is that out of a series you could post on here?? I like what looks to be going on there :)

18-05-11, 04:41 PM
great story!! anymore great story coming up??

18-05-11, 05:35 PM
I feel so sorry for those two girls who got stood up on their prom night, after buying prom dresses and getting all made up.

19-05-11, 09:54 PM
You should do more.