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01-05-10, 11:17 AM
Most guys like football, I don't find any thrill in it.

http://thumbnails19.imagebam.com/7868/bef4cb78670383.gif (http://www.imagebam.com/image/bef4cb78670383)

But mountain biking, oh yes! :sm (31):

It's such a cool sport, you go to places you've never been before.

Tests your endurance and when you go downhill on an empty mountain road it's like flying.

I love it.

I crashed so bad last year and wrecked my old bike.

I thought about giving up - but no, it's such a passion.

I got a new one and was riding again in a few weeks.

We have a villa in the mountains and my parents got by car and I am after them with my bicycle.

Any other bikers here?

We can share pics and vids if you like.

13-07-10, 03:14 AM
I love riding my bike!! (I think farthest i ever rode was 10 miles one day)

My bike doesnt work too good @ the moment or i would ride it more!!

Biking is fun!!!!!! (Im glad you like ti also Meatpie :)

13-07-10, 05:37 AM
i use to bike everyday as a teenager, but now my bike is just there in the garage collecting dust, she's pretty good at it though... :)

13-07-10, 10:39 AM
Why not go for a ride again? It's such fun going places you've never been to before!

13-07-10, 01:17 PM
Yes you inspire me bud!!

I do love to ride :)