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Don't know if anyone has seen this site, there are some good stories.

This one has a few male to male stories too.

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Thanks a lot, Britlad.

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My pleasure matey

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nice site, cheers mate.

22-10-08, 01:39 AM

By Ricky D



A gay friend of mine had just finished his courses in funeral management and a group of gay buddies were having a few drinks with him in celebration. He had also just landed a job at a local funeral home, so we had a lot to celebrate.

We were getting pretty drunk and my friend mentioned how cool it would be if I came in one day and helped him prep a body. I had always been interested in the process, so I said I would love to some day. "Just give me a call some day," I replied.

Yesterday, he called me and told to come on in and that a corpse was on its way from the hospital morgue. With a gulp, not knowing what I was getting into, I got in my car and made the short trip to the back door of the funeral home. I tapped at the back door, in fear that someone else would hear me.

Thankfully, my friend opened the door and let me in. He assured me that no one else was around, so I was not to worry about being somewhere I was not supposed to be.

He led me into the prep room filled with bottles, tubes, pumps, etc. Lying in the middle of the small room on a gurney was a body bag with its unknown contents. My friend said, "Wait till you see this!"

I assumed the stiff would be some old woman or something like that. He unzipped the body bag and there is this 18-year-old stud. Absolutely gorgeous! My friend said he had been in a car accident and broke his neck. The guy was DOA at the hospital... just slipped into the body bag and set aside!

My friend rolled the body bag on its side and dumped the contents onto the worktable. Our stiff was still wearing baggy shorts, and a old tee shirt. You could see a bulge through the shorts, but we will save that till later! He was small, about 5 feet 5 and probably weighed about 145. I could envision him going down the street on a skateboard. On closer inspection, I noticed that no one had bothered to shut his eyes. So, there he was staring at us! My friend smiled and said, "Let's get to work."

Rigor and come and gone, and our boy was again limp and pliable. We stripped him of his clothing. Since there were no wounds or bleeding, just that broken neck, we were able to simply pull his clothing off him without cutting it. His sweet face, smooth and somewhat muscular body being pulled and twisted as we stripped him caused my cock to become so hard. I think it stayed hard all afternoon!

We finally pulled down his last vestibule of modesty, his boxers. His limp cock fell to the side as my mind took a quick measurement. I pointed out to my friend that it must have been very hot when it was hard. My friend just laughed, which explained itself later.

Our stiff was then treated to a sponge bath. We, of course, paid careful attention to the crotch area. I gasped as my friend stuffed a wad of cotton up our little guy's ass. He laughed and said that it keeps them from leaking! yuk!

My friend suggested with an almost evil tone that now would be the good part.

He hooked up the embalming machine, made some adjustments with some other equipment and began embalming our dead friend. My friend told me to watch what he was going to do now. He injected the needle close to the base of the skater's sadly limp cock. Within seconds the cock grew to a full seven inches... hard as a rock.

I flushed with sexual excitement. When it was at its hardest, he suggested I go ahead and touch it. I didn't need to be asked twice. I stroked our dead friend's cock for several minutes. I only wish he could have cum! He didn't seem to mind my stroking him, though!

My friend and I both had our own cocks out by now and were jacking our hard cocks. As we both came, we shot our cum onto the skaters hard dick. My friend suggested we just leave it there! Awesome!

Eventually, we dressed the dead boy and placed him in his casket. He looked sweet lying there all dressed up. And, it was especially nice to know that it was not all in vain, his little body gave a couple dudes a hot afternoon!

The End

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Anyone know anymore sites? Or we need to get some talented writers on CDG! LOL We also need to "revive" the long dead "morbidtech" wait.. i mean "exhume" :)

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asstr.org site has some good stories. Thanks

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Thanks Britlad. I got two wonderful stories out of this thread.

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the http://riverstormca.tripod.com/ is dead