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There was an exclusive company that only hires tall, muscular and handsome men, 21-40 years old only and no girls allowed. The people should comply with the rules. There are only 5 rules,
1. If you're not wearing a suit, you'll die.
2. If you disrespected anyone from the company that ranks higher than you, you'll die.
3. If you take off your suit unless you are ordered to, you'll die.
4. Only black socks allowed.
5. If you let girls come in, you'll die.
* Death is by gas chamber.

John was the chairman of the board and he was 39 years old and he had only 1 year left before he retires. The employees were allowed to have a break and rest in a relaxation area. John was thinking of doing everything he wants before he retires. Only executives were the only ones who were allowed to watch and touch the rule breakers after their execution. Alex was caught disrespecting a higher ranked employee. Alex was a handsome man, he was 28 years old, his face was like Adonis' face, his body was like a god's body, his eyes were blue like the skies, and his hair was light brown. He was already in the gas chamber ready to die when John came to watch. Alex was wearing a silver-gray suit with matching pants, blue and white striped shirt, black sheer socks and brown leather shoes. Alex was sitting on the floor when the gas started to come out. The gas will effect in 5 minutes. Alex stood up and waiting for the gas to effect, his eyes started to widen and his heart was pounding fast. He collapsed on the floor, his face facing down, his body limp. He gasped for the last time and died. After a minute, John opened the gas chamber and faced Alex upright, he noticed that Alex's crotch part was wet; he carried Alex into his office just beside the gas chamber where there was a bed, a sofa, and a chair. He placed Alex on the bed and unzipped Alex's fly. Alex's black satin boxers were wet with piss. John adjusted the boxers and exposed Alex's still erect cock, still producing wads of semen. John pressed his lips against Alex's body and lips. He then inserted Alex's cock into his mouth. He positioned Alex on a seated position on the bed. And then he stripped Alex off his clothes, he admired the sight. He then went to Alexís back and pulled Alexís body and rested it against his own body. Alexís head was resting on his left shoulder. Alexís body was hard but tender. John then spread Alexís feet and then he played with Alexís huge cock and balls. Alexís nipples were erect they were teasing John to suck them, as well as Alexís feet, teasing him to suck them. Alexís jawbones were still fragrant with his perfume; his hair was soft like silk.

Nick, Johnís assistant entered the room to report another offence that another employee committed. Ivan and Andre were employees who didnít comply with rule number 5; they brought their girlfriends to the office. Ivan was wearing an all black suit, shirt, tie, socks, and lace-up shoes. His light complexion worked well against his black suit, he has wavy blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and his strong grip shaking with fear of death waiting for him. Andre is a half Italian and half American stud; he has dark brown hair that was perfectly combed, his tanned body was muscular, his face was angelic, his brows were thick and his eyes were in the light shade of green and his cleft chin was glorious with his stubble and goatee. His suit was silver with matching silver suit pants, his shirt was white, his tie was silver, his sheer socks were black, and his shoes were patent leather that was black in color. His face now covered with fear, The two rule breakers went inside the chamber when John came, the 2 were begging for forgiveness and promised not to do it, but John thought that if he let the 2 out he will not be able to do them.

He snubbed the 2 and got on the punishment, a huge amount of gas went through the tubes to the chamber. The 2 gasped for clean air, they hugged each other laid their bodies on the floor.
Foam came out from their mouths, this formula was different from the first one but time it effects was the same. They were twitching, Andreís crotch was wet with piss and cum, his body was also wet with sweat while Ivan was sweating, he unzipped his fly, he pulled down his underwear ad held his cock and then he shot thick wads of semen, when he died, white fluids still comes out from his enormous cock. They were both dead. John entered the chamber he carried both Ivan and Andre to the office where he left Alex. He laid Andre on the couch and Ivan on the bed beside Alex. John started with Andre, he unzipped Andreís pants and pulled down Andreís pants down to the ankles and exposed his hairy legs. He slid his hands inside Andreís plain white boxers and grabbed Andreís cock, it was soaked with piss and cum, he took off Andreís boxers used the boxers to wipe the piss and cum from Andreís cock and balls. He played with Andreís erect nipples bulging through his white shirt, he then unbuttoned Andreís shirt that was soft against his hard body. John then messed up Andreís perfectly combed hair to show Andreís curly hair. He then switched Andreís and Alexís clothes just for fun. Perfect fits. Ivan was next, John zipped Ivanís fly, he sat beside him and played with Ivanís erect nipples bulging through his shirt. John rode on top of Ivanís back; John was pressing his own cock against Ivanís back. He then inserted his cock inside Ivanís mouth, it felt cold. He then unzipped Ivanís fly and inserted Ivanís cock into his mouth while ha was doing that, he put his arms around Ivanís suited body. He then caressed Ivanís butt and inserted a dildo in Ivanís anus. it was tough but it was fun. John then inserted his fingers inside Ivanís anus then inserted it into Ivanís open mouth. John then dressed them in their respective clothes and suits. He ordered his bodyguard to carry the 3 men and put them into his car. And then he lived happily ever after.

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