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I hope you'll like this, I'm not that good in english.

Alec Pruit is a rich sophomore college student who excells in math and biology, he lives in a mansion by the river with some helpers. he has a huge crush on Daniel Scott, a senior college student. Everytime Daniel passes by Alec, Alec admires Daniel. He loves every part of him, the hair, the smile, the eyes, the biceps and Daniel's bulging cock.

One night, when everyone in Alec's house went on a vacation, he deviced a plan to get Daniel for his sexual pleasures. He invited Daniel for some beer and karaoke. that night, Daniel with 3 other friends went to Alec's house from their prom already drunk. The guys wore suits and tuxedos. Alec was a little bit pissed off because he can't get Daniel all by himself but changed his mind because he has more guys to play with. He drugged the guys by putting drugs in their drinks so when the guys went knocked out by the drug, Alec brought the 4 handsome guys to his bedroom and started with one of Daniel's friends, Jeremy.

Jeremy is Daniel's best friend he has brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, has a well built body and a swimmer. He wore that night a black suit with silver linings, black fitted dress shirt, black pants,silver tie, black sheer socks and a pair of newly shined patent leather shoes. His large biceps and his muscled v-shaped body fits his suit perfectly, his pants can't almost withstand his stiff large erect cock and balls that bulges in his suit pants that just can't wait to go out. Alec gave Jeremy a favor by unzipping his pants and letting his cock free. Jeremy shot a bucket full of cum everywhere. Alec opened Jeremy's mouth and poured 1/4 of a bottle of formalin suddenly Jeremy's erect cock became limp and he stopped breathing. Jeremy gasped a little and then died, Alec hurriedly sucked Jeremy's cock before it run out of spasm. Alec turned Jeremy facing down on the floor and spreaded Jeremy's legs apart from each other and licked Jeremy's anus he also inserted a dildo into Jeremy's anus, Jeremy's asshole was a bit tight so Alec became excited and practiced his manliness with Jeremy's hot virgin ass. after that, Alec dragged Jeremy into his bathroom and laid him in the empty tub. then he headed back to his room for another friend of Daniel's, Peter.

Peter has a well-tanned muscular body, blond hair, blue eyes and he's a wrestler. He wore navy blue pinstripped suit and pants, light blue dress shirt with a stiff collar,tie with different shades of blue,black socks and black dress shoes. his cock was bulging and moving inside his trousers. Alec lifted Peter by hugging Peter under his armpits and what a waste that newly polished shoes would be scratched against the floor. Alec laid Peter on the couch and placed Peter's feet on the armrest. Alec took Peter's shoes off and smelled Peter's socked feet, the aroma turned him on, he sucked Peter's socked feet and opened Peter's fly so that he can suck Peter's fly, he then stripped Peter from his tailored clothes then stabbed him on the chest and waited for Peter's death, blood scattered in the floor. He headed to the bathroom and carried Jeremy from the tub to his king-sized bed he then went back for Peter and carried him to the tub to clean the wound. he dried Peter with a clean towel. after Peter dried, he dressed Peter with the clothes he stripped off. He carried him to his large bed beside Jeremy. he posed them like they were kissing, hugging, touching dicks while he was taking pictures of them. Alec went back for the other one and will save the best for last. He picked up Daniel's friend, Eric.

Eric has a slightly curly brown hair, light blue eyes, lean but muscled body, tanned skin and a boxer. he was wearing a well fitted tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, silver bowtie, black socks and pointed dress shoes. Eric's clothes was full of sweat, Alec loves men with sweat and formal clothes so he opened Eric's fly and got a clean garbage bag and suffocated Eric, Eric struggled to breathe, his sweat doubled, he screamed but no one could hear, Alec got frustrated and got the belt from Eric's pants and tied it tightly on Eric's neck and he was shooting lots of loads everywhere but eventually died. Alec then took off the bag and belt from Eric's head, his mouth was partly opened, his eyes open, and his hair was wet with sweat. Alec sucked Eric's cock and licked his face, he loved the taste of Eric's sweat. he unbuttoned Eric's shirt and licked his neck, large muscles and erect nipples. He carried Eric to his bed and put him beside the others.

And last but not the least, Daniel , his well built body, large biceps, vibrant green eyes,slightly opened mouth, large bulging cock underneath those well-tailored trousers turned Alec on. Daniel wore a matching silver suit and silver trousers with black tuxedo shirt, black dress shoes and black sheer socks. Alec stripped Daniel's clothes from him and carried Daniel to the bath tub where they took a bath together. Alec gave Daniel a blowjob and lots of loads filled the bathroom, he had sex with his passed out man with so much passion, Daniel pissed on the water and Alec was there, ready to drink the pissed water. he waited for Daniel's second round of piss, but this time he was ready to catch it with his mouth and drink it. after taking a bath, he dragged Daniel the way he dragged Peter to the couch to dry him off, he dried Daniel with the same towel he used for Peter and dried every part of Daniel's body, he then turned Daniel facing down and he inserted his cock to Daniel's anus, after that, he dressed Daniel with the same clothes Daniel was wearing earlier. He then asked himself how to kill Daniel? what to do with the bodies after he overwhelmed himself with sex with the guys? Alec carried Daniel downstairs and woke up Daniel as if nothing happened. when Daniel woke up, he asked where his friends go then Alec answered that they were upstairs already sleeping and he also asked Daniel to drink the beer which he put poison in. Daniel gave Alec what he wanted and drank the beer, after a few seconds, he suddenly leaned on the wall and gasped for air , he sat on the floor, his mouth was exerting bubbles ,his clothes was wet with beer when he let go of the glass, his pants was full of piss and cum. Alec loved the way Daniel died gasping for air and soiling his pants. Alec positioned Daniel in between his 3 friend who died earlier, They all looked like they were just sleeping, Alec took lots of pictures, he then got his car from the garage and placed Daniel beside him and the 3 others on the back seat, they were leaning at each other and their hands were placedo on top of their cocks. Daniel looked handsome even in death, Alec placed him there properly with seat belt, Daniel's hands was touching his own suited bulge. They were starting to stiffen, Alec started driving to the cemetery , he decided to dump the bodies there. He saw an open museleum and and decided to placed them there but he doesn't have the power to leave such good-looking men to rot in a secluded place like that so he went back home with his mates. Alec headed to his room and to his walk-in closet, he cleared the right side of his closet to make way for the guys. he went to his car and carried them one by one until all of them were in the closet. He transformed his walk-in closet to a walk-in freezer, The next day, the school was shocked when they heard the news that the boys were gone missing. it was reported like this:

" 4 seniors of University of Atlanta are missing, Daniel A. Scott,22; Jeremy R. Smith,22; Peter F. Reynolds,22; and Eric J. Keynes were last seen last night at their promenade. According to their friend,Jackson Webbers, they are just going to see a friend and have fun. ..."

Alec went home and saw that the bodies were still looking good so he got them out of the closet and he had sex with them again and again and again...:load::load::load::sm (62)::sm (62)::sm (62)::sm (9)::sm (9)::sm (9):

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I like! I woud like to know more about their underwear. And I love the bit about Daniel drinking poison and soiling his pants as he gasps for air.

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glad you asked that question, Daniel wore a black satin boxers as well as Eric, Jeremy wore black boxer briefs, Peter wore a black silk boxers.

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This is not good as the first one.

Pen Harlem, is a young, respected doctor who is a gay necro,he lives in a townhouse with his son,Jeremy. His kid sometimes visits his mother in Arizona. One night, He heard knocking sounds in the front door, he thought that it was impossible that that was his child because his son was at his mother's house that time so he opened the door and was surprised to see a young man lying on the ground he thought that drunk men brought the boy there because he heard some loud noises outside, yelling people. He lifted the young man and laid him on his couch. He examined the boy and said "What a pity that a young man like you would die just because of heat and thirst." the boy died because of heat stroke. He cleared the dining table and placed the boy on top of it and checked what the boy's name was. his name was Steven. Steven looked hot in his black v-neck shirtthat was fitted to his muscles,silver-gray suit blazer, silver-gray suit pants,black socks that reached under his knees and a pair of black patent-leather shoes that shined after being exposed to the light. Pen had an idea, he carried the man to his bed and rode hime like a horse and smelled the man's body,from hair to toes,he took of the patent leather shoes and socks then he sucked the toes of his patient. "Mr. Steven, can you spread your thighs so I can check whats happening?" then he giggled. he unzipped the crotch part of Steven's pants and exposed a bulge in his uderwear,Steven's underwear was black boxer brief with some creamy cum. Pen touched his patient's bulge and felt it with his face and lips.After this, Pen heade to the spare room that he converted to an office, he sat Steven on the chair. He also got a folding bed and laid it on an empty space on the corner. He dragged Steven to the bed and stripped him totally.He locked the door and went down to business, he started to hold Steven on the armpits while he dragged Steven closer to him, then he caressed Steven's body by his hands he then shot some load unto Steven"s abdomen,he licked and put Steven's stiff **** into his mouth and he turned Steven facing down to adore the his anus so that he can insert his **** into the corpse's anus and slept with him the whole night.

When the sun rose, he went to his closet to look for a wonderful attire for Steven, he saw a light blue dress shirt,silver slim-tie,black pants,black socks and a pair of black dress shoes. He dressed Steven and said "A perfect fit." Steven looked dashing in that attire while Pen wore his White dress shirt and plaid pants. He kissed Steven again on the cheeks and lips before he went to work. That evening,Pen's ex-wife called and said that their son will stay with her for another week and Pen agreed. After 2 days, he went to the hospital to bring Steven to the morgue. He instructed the hospital embalmer to take good care of Steven because he said that Steven was his best friend from his childhood, the embalmers said ok and they began to groom Steven and placed him in one of the freezers. and after a week, Steven was buried. And Pen lived happily ever after.

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I like! I woud like to know more about their underwear. And I love the bit about Daniel drinking poison and soiling his pants as he gasps for air.

Hi deaddirty, I know you make lots of good stories here so can you make a story about dead guys in suits,soiled underwear( I really prefer black underwear), black socks?

I would really appreciate it.:wink2:

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Sander is a 30 year old banker, he loves going to some cute dead guy's funerals, he is necro , and a suit fetishist and sometimes joins his friend Harry, an embalmer and whom he shares his thoughts and his secrets with. One day, Harry called Sander because a fresh body of a young executive of a company arrived there. Sander hurriedly went to the morgue to see what the guy looks like. Harry said that Sander is free to help him prepare the body. Sander was excited and tried not to scream to not get some attention from other people. Harry then opened the body bag to show his friend what the guy looks like. The guy looked handsome, he has slightly thick eyebrows, short brown hair, pinkish lips, perfect nose, fair complexion and a muscular body. Sander was surprised that he got the jackpot with the guy. he admired the face and the body, it was perfect, the guy looked like he was just sleeping and was slightly smiling. Sander asked Harry the cause of death, then Harry said that an employee saw him lying on the floor, the doctors said it was organ malfunction and it caused his lungs to stop breathing then the body collapsed. Sander was glad because there was no physical injuries, only internal. "The guy's name is Jake Bower" Harry added. Jake wore a pinstriped suit, pinstriped pants, white dress shirt with a stiff collar, a shiny slim-fit red tie, a pair of black sheer socks and a pair of newly shined patent-leather shoes. the two started to get to work, they didn't do the usual way of stripping the clothes be cutting through it, they took off layer by layer carefully, Harry gave the honors to Sander, Sander started by taking off the coat then he placed it on the chair, he then took off the shoes which after that he smelled,licked, rubbed against his own erect crotch. He then proceeded by taking the tie off he then unzipped the zipper of Jake's pants and slid the waist part of the pant until it reached the ankles. He then adored Jake's underwear, it was a dark red satin boxers that has buttons in front, the underwear had a mixture of pee and pre-cum on it. He rode on top of the corpse and rubbed his cock into Jake's cock with some of Jake's own cum. He then unbuttoned Jake's shirt and caressed Jake's body with Jake's own powerless hands that was starting to become stiffen, Sander started massaging Jake's hand and let Jake hold his cock. Jake looked like he was just masturbating but without motion. Sander took off Jake's shirt and pants, now Jake was only wearing his socks, Sander turned around to face Jake's feet and he started licking Jake's socked feet, he then took off the socks and he placed it on Jake's cock for a minute and then transferred it into Jake's mouth he then sucked Jake's enormous feet, Harry then pierced Jake's chest with an apparatus that drains the fluids inside the body, Jake started to dry up a little bit but he was still gorgeous. Sander wiped off the cum and pee off Jake's abdomen, he then took off the socks from Jake's mouth and slid it back to Jake's feet, he then dressed Jake with another set of suit, a brown coat and pants that was made of a glossy fabric, red slim tie, an orange-brown dress shirt and a pair of black pointed shoes. Jake looked more attractive and looked like he also had fun.

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Hi deaddirty, I know you make lots of good stories here so can you make a story about dead guys in suits,soiled underwear( I really prefer black underwear), black socks?

I would really appreciate it.:wink2:

Will do, but not tonight. And his unmderwear probably won't be black - white or bright shows the mess inside better!

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Will do, but not tonight. And his unmderwear probably won't be black - white or bright shows the mess inside better!

ok, I would like sky blue boxers or white boxer brief hahaha and don't forget the black socks.

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sounds good. But will be a daay or two, I'm really busy at the moment

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Here's the first part - there'l be more to follow. Sorry it's taken so long, hope y.ou enjoy!

Business School

Part 1

It’s a small college, we’re all 18-21, all male, we know each other well. Final exams are a big day – there’s four rules you need to know
1. All students wear black suits, black shirts, and black socks (black underwear is optional – noone’s going to check!)
2. Any students who fail their exams get executed – straight away, on the day, still wearing their suits.
3. The two guys who get the top marks get to be executioners.
4. If the executioners interfere with the corpses of the victims, they get executed too.
Today was the big day, and me and Hellpup got top marks, so we reported straight away to the Execution Suite. We’re good friends, I guess we both want each other, but it hasn’t happened – yet! (and the penalty for that is death too – surprising how many friendships get consummated in the Execution Suite). Normally execution is by hanging or garrotting, but there’s building work going on, so just the Poison Room is available this year. We were told there were four failures, and looked like they’d want to die as two pairs. We have to observe the deaths closely, so we prepared two mugs of poison – one quicker, the other a lower dose with a bit of a sedative to calm the waiting period. It’s a nerve poison: first it stimulates the involuntary functions – the sex urge, the saliva, bladder, bowels, penis, then it paralyses the breathing and the dying guy suffocates. Pairs share a mug and die together – that’s the tradition. There’s a bed and a sofa, both covered with white plastic to make any cleaning up easier – most guys seem to lose control of at least one bodily function in the final stages. That’s one reason for the black suits – the bodies are exhibited in public afterwards, and a corpse in a black suit still looks more-or-less respectable whatever state it’s in inside the clothes (though when the students inspect the bodies they normally seem to spot any wet trousers or tented flies).
As soon as we were ready there was a knock at the door, and Matt and Tim presented themselves for execution, closely followed by Pete and Mark. Of course we knew them well – Matt quite short, round face, slightly chubby and faintly camp in a slightly spoilt sort of way, Tim taller and slimmer, slightly long face and dark hair. Matt had always been a bit of a dandy, and for his exams and death he’d dressed in a pinstripe suit. Tim was more down-to-earth, and was wearing plain black, his trousers quite tight. Pete had always been a bit of an nonconformist, despite the tall good looks and big grin – his fair hair was always a bit tousled, he hated formal dress and I wasn’t surprised that on his way to his death he’d stopped to change from his suit into well-fitting light trousers. That was against the rules, but he was about to die anyway so what the hell. Mark had always been close with Pete – shorter, quieter, a bit shy at times, outwardly more conformist than his buddy. His black trousers had probably started out as school uniform.
As soon as they’d taken their shoes off, I gave Matt and Tim the red mug, telling them ‘Half each and no cheating – if you drink less it will just take longer. You’ll start to feel it in a couple of minutes, and the choking and convulsions won’t be far behind’. Matt grabbed the mug, pouting slightly as he said’ me first!’ and drank slightly more than half before passing it to Tim to drain, both grimacing slightly at the taste. Hellpup gave the blue mug to Pete and Mark, telling them ‘This will be a bit slower – you’ll feel woosy and relaxed at first, but there may be a few convulsions at the end’. Mark was going to drink first, but Pete looked a bit awkward and said ‘Hey buddy, I don’t want to die alone after you’ve gone’. Mark squeezed his hand and gave him the mug ‘Ok, you drink more than half, and I’ll try to stay with you till you’ve gone’. After they’d drunk there was a sudden silence, all four victims realising that their death was inside them, within minutes the poison would be spreading from their stomachs to their vital organs.
Matt and Tim headed for the bed. By the time they got here, Matt’s face was already begining to flush and he was a bit unsteady on his feet. Tim put his hand on Matt’s shoulder, and suddenly they turned and hugged each other, swaying slightly. Matt’s breathing became faster, his mouth opening slightly, salivating as he gasped ‘It’s started’. Within a minute, he’d started his first coughing fit, red-faced and sweating, dribbling a bit from his wide-open mouth. He suddenly reached down to his crotch, scrabbling to unzip himself and undo his trousers as he started to piss, losing his balance and pulling Tim with him as he fell onto the bed. He’d managed to push his trousers down to his thighs, showing black satin boxers, very short and loose at the leg, already wet round the open slit. Tim was also flushed and breathing hard, one hand round Matt pulling his black shirt up round his chest as the other undid his own trousers, exposing his plain black boxers not quite tight at the leg, the buttons on the fly undone. Matt was starting to writhe around on the bed, his loose satin boxers exposing the underside of his balls and his curly black hair as his legs opened and threshed. As he coughed and shook he started to defecate, sliding from the crotch of his boxers into the seat of his pinstripe trousers. He twisted onto his side, gurgling and struggling to breathe, then onto his face, a convulsion lifting his arse int the air, his crack just showing above the shorts as he empted his bowels into his boxers and down his legs into his trousers, his cock erecting and suddenly poking out through the fly. Tim was on his back, coughing, pissing his shorts and also starting an erection. Matt’s face was already grey, his lips bluish, and I realised he was close to death, as the convulsion eased he flopped back onto his side. Tim twisted towards him, holding him from behind, shuddering as his arms closed round his dying friend, pulling them together. His erection was out through the fly now, pushing against Matt’s thighs, sliding up inside his shorts, pushing them up so that I could see Matt’s twitching crack and, for a moment, his open twitching dying hole. Tim’s left leg swung forward over Matt’s, his convulsions pulling them tight together, face-down as he soiled his shorts, his cock pushing into Matt’s crack then sliding into his hole as Matt had his final orgasm, his cock spurting onto the bed as his breathing stoppped and he became limp, flopping around as Tim went into his final convulsions, thrusting inside his just-dead friend, his death-shit running from the legs of his shorts to pool between Matt’s thighs above his half-mast pinstripes on the piss-soaked bed as he came inside the corpse, their body fluids mixing in death. Hellpup and I both had massive boners tenting our clothes, but we had two more deaths to witness, so we gently pulled Tim’s trousers up for the moment, preserving an impression of smartness and decency over the soiled underwear, open arseholes, and erect cocks of the dead friends.

End of Part 1

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And here;s the rest - may not be to everyone's taste, my turn-ons aren't u/niversal even here! But hope some of you guys (and gals) like - and f so, how about writing somesstories too?
Codymyself - thanks for being patient, hope you like.

Business School

Part 2

Pete and Mark had headed for the sofa, sitting down, holding hands, snuggling up as the warm woosiness hit them realisng for the first time how much they loved each other. Pete stripped off his black shirt – no way this rebel was going to die in a business suit, the black socks the last reminder of the future he’d escaped by failing his exams, incongruous below his pale fawn trousers. He hated the ‘respectability’ of dying in black trousers to hide the indignity of his final loss of control – ‘If I’m going to die shitting my pants, I don’t want to hide it, bro’. Mark kept him company, stripping to the waist, his black trousers well-worn and comfortably informal, Pete’s right arm comforting over his shoulders as both of them started to flush and breathe more quickly, feeling the first tightenings in their stomachs and stirrings in their cocks through their sleepiness. Mark ran his right hand along the waist of Pete’s trousers, intrigued by the sky-blue underwear just visible, looking enquiringly at his friend as if to say ‘is it OK to have a look?’. Suddenly they were unzipping each other, undoing each other’s trousers, feeling the packages inside each other’s underwear, aware of the increasing need to piss and more, choosing to share those final moments unashamed, opening their legs as if to show that they would not hide their final functions from each other, Pete wearing skyblue plain fly-front boxers to die in, undoing Mark’s trousers to see that his choice of deathwear was brand-new-white boxer briefs, with green waistband and trimings on the pouch. And both were trying not to hear the sounds of Matt and Tim’s death agonies on the bed, that they were about to follow.
Hellpup and I tiptoed over to the sofa to witness our second pair of deaths, admiring the fit young bodies beginnng to feel the poison, their trousers undone and their legs splayed open. Pete was struggling now, his breath gasping through his wide-open mouth, saliva dribbling down his chin onto his chin, the urge to piss and shit becoming overwhelming, fighting it somehow convinced that if he could control his body he could survive, Mark holding his friend’s package through his boxers, telepathing ‘ I’m here buddy, I’m with you’.
Suddenly Pete convulsed, lifting himself as his bladder and bowels opened, a moment of shame as he realised his anus had betrayed him. Mark squeezed his cock through the suddenly-wet cotton ‘It’s OK, bro’, both looking down at the fountain of piss. Hellpup and I coud see the back of Pete’s boxers sagging, stains showing through before the mess appeared where the legs were loose against his thighs. He slumped down, his trousers down slightly exposing the tops of his thighs, the curly ginger hairs wet with piss before the space inside his trousers was filled by the shit pouring from the legs of his boxers. His moment of shame and panic had passed, he looked down and seemed to half-smile, knowing that he was dying. For a moment his head slumped forward and I looked down his back to see that the back of his boxers was soiled right up to where the top of his crack just showed above the waist. Then he slumped back and slid down a bit on the sofa, his uncut cock erecting out of his fly, sitting in his messed trousers and shorts. His head lolled back over the top of the sofa, and suddenly his gasping breath turned to a choking gurgle. I guessed he had just swallowed his tongue and was choking on it. At the same moment, Mark slumped sideways against him, his head on Pete’s heaving chest, his saliva dribbling down from his open mouth. Pete was shuddering, feebly trying to get his arms up to his neck, his legs lifting off the sofa, his feet twitching inside the black socks that were now the only clean clothing on his dying body as he suffocated. Mark was half-conscious, his hand on Pete’s cock. As his head slumped I thought he was losing consciousness while his buddy was still alive. But I was wrong – his hand guided Pete’s cock to his salivating mouth, and I realised that despite his own agony he was giving Pete a blow job, trying to help his friend die in ecstacy as well as the agony of suffocation. Pete’s face was grey now, his lips blue and foam filling his mouth. He came, shooting onto Mark’s face and into his mouth as he suffocated on his tongue, his whole body twitching and spasming as the death-orgasm drained the last oxygen from his blood and his heart stopped beating.
Mark held the dying cock in his mouth till the last movements had stopped and he knew his friend was dead. He had kept his promise, staying with his buddy to the end and helping him through his death-throes. He lifted his head a bit, slumped on his side onto Pete’s newly-dead stomach, Pete’s spunk mixing with his own snot and saliva on his face, and half-looked at me as if to check that I was there (and Hellpup, but he knew me better). We’re not meant to have any contact with executees durng their deaths, but I put my hand on his shoulder to tell him I was there, and got an almost telepathic feeling that he too did not want to die alone, and wanted me to see and be with him for his final struggles. His black trousers were still round his hips, though undone and showing the green elastic of his boxer-briefs. His hand flailed back from Pete’s crotch to his hip, pushing the trousers down round his thighs. I could see that he was pissing his shorts at the front, the wet running from the pouch onto his left hip and pooling on the sofa. At the back, the clean whiteness of his boxers was startling against the green trimmings and the black of his trousers and the socks on his twitching feet. I could see that his buttocks were clenched, creasing the white cotton into his crack. Suddenly it was very still except for his gasping breath, and I watched as his buns relaxed and he ceased to control his anus, his self-hole opening inside his underpants and emptying him for death – first a lump in the smooth cotton., then a spreading bulge and damp staining, surprisingly light yellow-brown as it filled his crack and spread down between his legs to mix with the piss still running into his crotch. He seemed to be smiling slightly, and I sensed the shared intimacy of him letting me see him shit his pants as he died, able to relax into death. His body writhed and twisted slightly, his head still on Pete’s stomach, his mouth wide open, drooling as he gasped for breath. Then he slumped, his head sliding down Pete’s stomach, over the ginger pubic hair just showing above the waist of the boxers he had died in. I’m not sure if it was deliberate or a spasm, but Mark’s hand seemed to guide Pete’s dead spunk-covered erection to his mouth again. Then he lost consciousness, his head falling onto Pete’s crotch, the dead cock deep into his mouth as his neck gave way. For the second time in a few minutes, there was a choking gurgle, and I realised that Mark’s head had fallen with Pete’s dead cock right inside his mouth and on into his throat, blocking his windpipe and choking him. He struggled feebly for maybe a minute as he suffocated, his body twitching, his toes bending up and down inside his black socks, the shit in his boxers becomig baby-poo greenish and running down his thigh into his trousers as his self-hole emptied and stayed open. And at the last moment, as he died, he came, his erection tenting the front of his boxer briefs and spurting into the pouch and through the cotton. And maybe the spasms of his death-orgasm spread to his throat, and milked a bit more cum from Pete’s desd erection inside his windpipe, the tip dribbling spunk into his voicebox?

Hellpup and I looked at each other, at the rock-hard boners tenting our black trousers. If we did what we obviously both wanted to do, the other would be there, seeing, hearing, knowing everything of our most intimate doings with the corpses. And we knew the penalty, knew that in an hour or two it would be us writhing together on the bed in our death agonies, soiling our shorts together and coming in a final fatal intimacy. But there were four cute dead guys to undress, and four open limp newly-dead self-holes wating for us.
Hellpup and I looked at each other.
Then our hands went down to our waists, unzipping ourselves, pushing down our black trousers, then our boxers, leaving only our black socks on.
But the rest is another story…

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OWOOOO!!! Thanks for featuring me in your story deadirty! *HIGH 5*. These are some great stories dude. Reality should be like what you wrote! You know how many hot guys are in college? I get distracted in class a lot cause I daydream about real similar stuff to these stories. Then I gotta snap out of it and remember I'm in class and not the dorm, so I can't JO. I never get called on to stand up, so I'm lucky I can sit with a bone under my desk. Kinda like now, from reading this thread. Nice work bro!

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Thanks bro!

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OWOOOO!!! Thanks for featuring me in your story deadirty! *HIGH 5*. These are some great stories dude. Reality should be like what you wrote! You know how many hot guys are in college? I get distracted in class a lot cause I daydream about real similar stuff to these stories. Then I gotta snap out of it and remember I'm in class and not the dorm, so I can't JO. I never get called on to stand up, so I'm lucky I can sit with a bone under my desk. Kinda like now, from reading this thread. Nice work bro!

Hey bro! A necroscathound like me and a Hellpup - we need to team up!!

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I love it hey I really need to talk with you now Il wearing a suit and Im hot reading this Ii think i will pass a very good time ;) thak youu

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deaddirty, your stories are soooo hot!!! Love guys dying hard and dirty.......slow is also good!

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These stories are so hot. More please.....

19-09-12, 05:10 AM