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14-03-10, 01:58 AM
I made this yesterday,this is a compilation of my 3 fetishes, necrophilia, suit sex, black socks.


John Meyer is a rich gay necro funeral homes/company owner, he's a lucky one too. One night, as he was walking by an alley near an italian restaurant, he tripped over something,something shiny, something glossy he became curious and checked what's in there he leaned forward and took a close look, and noticed it was 2 pairs of shiny dress shoes he then held the shoes and glanced to his side to see a 2 dead young men in suits,they're not stiff yet. the men look handsome like they are about 25-28 years old, they look like a young version of Brad Pitt they have slightly bluish lips,slightly thick eyebrows, they have beautiful blue eyes that were staring at the sky,they were both well muscled and tall they were like 5feet and 11 inches tall, one wore a black shirt,black socks,black suit and a silver tie, the other one wore a silver suit,black socks,black shirt and a black tie. John immediately went home and got his car and drove back to the alley where he left the 2 young men, he opened the backseat door and made them lie there like they're just sleeping. he didn't drive too fast and he didn't drive too slow just to make sure that no one will suspect he's hiding something. When he arrived home to his condomenium, he carried the one with the silver tie first and laid him on his side of the bed then he returned for the other and laid him on the other side of the bed.

John turned on the television and saw a flash report saying: two sons of a company owner gone missing...He picked up his men from upstairs and laid them on the dinner table, he looked for I.D.s, he confirmed that the two young men were the missing sons of the company owner the first one was David Smith and the second one was Nathan Smith,they were 26 years old,and americans. He didn't have plans to return the boys to their father because he thought that it was luck and he thought that it might never happen again so John decided to go to bed with the dead men he is now horny,horny than ever...he started to strip the men's clothes Nathan was first and David next., he inserted his **** into Nathan's ass then he put Nathan's flaccid **** into his mouth.then off to David,to give the same treatment he gave Nathan's twin, it only lasted for 3 hours. the twins wore the same brand of underwears but different color Nathan wore white satin boxers while David wore black Boxers, their stomachs were spoiled by knife wounds, one on each stomach. John decided to give the twins a bath, he filled his tub with water and then he lifted Nathan who was sitting on the counter sink and placed him in a sitting position leaning against the east wall then he picked up David who was sitting on the closed toilet bowl and placed him in a sitting position leaning against the west wall, now the twins were sitting on the tub facing each other, both in their underwear and they were like touching eachother's **** with their feet. John got the soap and started with Nathan's muscled body and then David's,he then dried them up thoroughly with a clean towel and injected the bodies with formalin. he then went to his wardrobe to get some brand new underwears and brand new black socks for the twins to wear, he dressed the two young men slowly first,he dressed Nathan with a white undershirt,white satin boxers,black socks and made him wear the suit,tie,shirt and shoes that Nathan was wearing earlier then he dressed David with a black undershirt,black satin boxers,black socks and made him wear the suit,tie,shirt and shoes that David was wearing earlier. He layed them on his bed, took pictures, he also dressed them in different clothes, for Mondays, he dressed them with different kinds of suit,dress shirts and ties which he bought just for them, he also bought some black dress shoes and black socks for them.He regularly gives them baths. After 6 months, the bodies were still fresh because he regularly freezes them in his walk-in freezer, he decided to let go of them so he asked his friend, Ben Platt if he wants to have the boys or not because Ben is also a necro and works in a company which John owns but Ben said no because he wants fresh ones, easy to manipulate not like the boys now that are kinda stiff but still no decomposing, still looks good or still handsome. John brought the bodies to his funeral homes office and laid them on his couch. He ordered 2 employess to get 2 caskets with the same size. the employees returned and placed the bodies inside. John paid the 2 employees 1,000 dollars so that they will not talk to cops or anyone about what he is doing. He brought the caskets home and placed the beside his king-sized bed. He then lived Happily ever after...

Enjoy...:sm (63):

20-03-10, 11:49 PM
the place was not a condomenium it's a mansion.

22-03-10, 05:05 AM
i just came from reading this

22-03-10, 08:41 AM
thanks for liking it. and cumming from it.

28-08-10, 01:35 AM
Some followup?