View Full Version : hottie shot in my bathroom...oops!

20-02-10, 03:21 AM
I invited my Bud Brad over to check out my new sauna... and my new gun. I forgot that clip was full...oops! :sm (20):

Since he stopped off on his way through town, just visiting, I guess nobody knows he was even here. I wonder if anyone will notice he didn't show up at his business meeting?

All alone in my house with my bud Brad. What do I do with him now? Guess time to clean him up and get him to my bedroom. Sorry Brad! Damn, you DO make a good looking corpse tho... still fresh...:sm (9):

You won't be for long, so I better get busy:sm (52)::sm (62)::load:

21-02-10, 02:59 AM
BEAUTIFUL! Tell us what you'll do. I like that smelly looking black socked foot of his. He was in mid-strip apparently when you "accidentally" shot him.

21-02-10, 02:59 AM

21-02-10, 04:16 AM
I'd like to hear what you hot people would do to him :)

For me, I'd drag him over to the shower, slowly strip his blood-soaked clothes off him, slide his briefs down --- whoa--- he got a stiffy. I guess it's the trauma of the bullet tearing into his chest. lay him on his back in the shower, slide soap all over him, lather up ever inch of his body, armpits, between his legs, between his toes....he'd be slick and limp, dragging him to my room. Dry him off, turn him over on his stomach -- thud--- spread his legs and arms down to his sides... ok better stop for awhile, i'm gettin excited lol

21-02-10, 04:41 AM
Oh, cum on, Hellpup! -purrs- Why don't you go ahead, and finish. Haha. -snickers- What was it that you had said? ''I'd like to hear what you hot people would do to him.'' I make good on my threat, and let you be inside my thoughts right now on what I would do to him, Hellpup and others whom look a upon this.

Sometimes I just can't help but feel as if the ripping of his skin is a sensation of lust between me and my soul. As I do it I feel is if my body is pulsating with electric charges of ecstasy. My whole body feels at one with my mind. Why I enjoy this. An intimate suggestion. Morbid. Satanic. Whispering. A necro lover unsuspected. Because no matter what we were doing, I think of pleasure. When I fed upon him, I watched his long fingers and thought how skillfully they feathered along my ribcage, breaking the bones to get my organic moisture. Why must this passion consume me? When I talked to him, he silently watched my glorious lips and remembered how they felt as they moved against my corruptible imperfect flesh in long, vehement, leisurely, cannibalistic kisses, aches of stimulation of his mutilated genitals. Why must this ecstasy control me? An appetite for the textures of withering flesh. The inhuman thirst for sexual sustenance, starved for liquid passion. When I walked away from him, I watched the firm, concave lovely cadaver and remembered how his cheeks, his strands of muscle tissue wrapped tight around my nails as he thrust in and out then in and out, coagulating my blood with silent repentance. Why do I feel trapped? His flesh is my imagination. His nakedness a dream. Tremulous. Intangible. Applauding the obscene. His seduction is unquenchable. Necrophilia is only the beginning. An immutable inflection, making me a necromantic of implacable deception….Oh, God. He had devoured me with sex. I kiss coagulation so that I may feel a part of me. slipping back inside of me. Damn, I'm purring in this moment...

21-02-10, 07:39 AM
Your purring hides an undercurrent of a growling necro she-beast, crouched, taught flesh, bristling fur, claws glistening in the cold moonlight, ready to rip the dead flesh of the smooth, silent morgue cadaver...drink deeply, dead blood coursing through your hot veins, feeding your frenzy lust till you are satisfied and the corpse is drained of all that was once the remains of a human, torn from life in his prime...
You finish, full, dripping his blood and chemicals the morgue workers pumped into his dormant veins. Stained, fur matted with congealed blood, eyes red and firey, you are gone as quickly and violently as you came, chaos behind you, a scene of horror to be discovered in the morning. More cadavers to be delivered tomorrow night. More drained bodies the next morning in your wake... she wolf, never at peace, never content, always hungry, savaging mortal flesh, dead or alive... OOWWWOOOOOOOOO

20-05-10, 08:23 PM
nice post

22-05-10, 04:48 AM
Thanks m8. I had a whole file of pics like that but lost em when my computer crashed. I'll get it all back, no worries.