View Full Version : Will December bring even cuter dead guys?

21-11-08, 04:45 PM
As 2008 draws to a close, let us remember all the cute guys we posted over the year - they were many and some were fucking hotties!

But from my personal experience, December brings the cutest dead guys of the year, at least in Bulgaria.

For the last couple of years my favourite dead Bulgarian guys all croaked in December! Some just a day or two before Christmas!

Its particularly "hot" time because no one wants to attend funerals on Christmas and new years when everyone else is celebrating!

Still, every year, hundreds of young dudes will celebrate in morgue fridges!!!

They don't know this now but soon my friends, soon....!!!!

Tragedy strikes particularly hard between christmas and new years! Car wrecks, murder, suicide!

As families get together and more people travel - violence and accidents are certain.

In the northern hempishere its also the darkest month - and particularly deadly for young drivers - not only darkness but cold, snow and ice.

And lets not forget very year young guys are killed in mountains too!

Love winter time and the festivites, I am convinced this years december won't disappoint us, we will just have to be patient...as guys unaware of their pending deaths plan where to celebrate!