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Dennis Nilsen, the british version of Jeffrey Dahmer, got lonely, went out to pick up hot guys, then brought them home and drank up and hung out with em. They'd end up crashing in his bed, he'd strangle em in the middle of the night, then wash them in the bath (they usually pissed themselves and/or pooped their shorts from being strangled), then dried them off, took em to bed, had sex with some of them, then stored them under the floor for sometimes months before disposing of the bodies by cutting them up. Following are excerpts of Nilsen's own description of killing these guys. From the book "Killing for Company".

If REAL snuff stories from a serial killer are offensive then don't read the excerpt. The necro aspects are the hot part for me, but his description of killing the dudes is intense too. Nilsen is the kind of demented freak most people aren't, but it's hot when they talk, in detail, about every second of the act the commited.

Nilsen also sketched his victims while they were lying in front of him. The sketches are already on here so check em out.

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This is his description of the first guy he killed. From the chapter "victims", book "Killing for Company".

First is the author's setting up the scene (the victim is an irish boy from a pub):
They walked from the Cricklewood Arms (bar) to 195 Melrose Ave, where they stayed up late drinking themselves insensible. Eventually, they both undressed and crawled into bed together, but no sexual activity took place. Dennies Nilsen woke up a couple of hours later, as first light was dawning, and looked at him lying there.....

Following is Nilsen's description of what he did next:

"The fire had been on all night so it was quite warm. I snuggled up to him and put my arm around him. he was still fast asleep. Still lying there and I pulled the blanket off us and half-way down our bodies. He was on his side turned away from me. I ran my hand over him exploring him. I remember thinking that because it was he would wake and leave me. I became extremely aroused and I could feel my heart pounding and I began to sweat. He was still sound asleep. I looked down on the floor where our clothes lay and my eyes fixed on my tie. I remember thinking that I wanted him to stay with me whether he wanted to or not. I reached down and got the neck tie. I raised myself and slipped it on under his neck.

I quickly straddled him and pulled tight for all I was worth. His body came alive immediately. We struggled off the bed onto the floor. 'What the...' he said, but I retightened my grip on the tie. Pushing himself with his feet (with me on top of him) we moved about three yards from the bed and so doing had knocked over the coffee-table, ashtray and glasses. His head was now up against the wall. After about half a minute I felt him slowly gowing limp. His arms flopped onto the carpet...."

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I liked this book a lot, written well, and these bits with Nilsen's descriptions were great

Thanks Pup ;)

(more - more)

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"I stood up trembling with tension and exhaustion. Then I noticed he had resumed breathing in rasping breaths. He was still unconscious. I wondered what to do. I ran to the kitchen and filled a plastic bucket with water. I returned to the main room and placed it on the floor. 'I'd better drown him', I thought. I got hold of him under his armpits and pulled him up and draped him head down over the seat of a dining chair. I placed the bucket near and grabbing him by the hair raised his head, which I pushed into the bucket of water. Excess water splashed all over the carpet. I held his head in there and he did not struggle. After a few minutes the bubbles stopped coming. I lifted him up and sat him in the armchair, the water was dripping from his short brown curly hair. I just sat there shaking, trying to think clearly about what I had done.
I sat opposite the dead youth and just stared at him. I went into the bathroom and ran the water. When it was nearly full I put a towel over the curtainless window and returned to my room. I knelt down in front of the armchair and pulled the body forward over my right shoulder. Supporting it around the thighs. I slid him into the water....I washed him and his hair. He was very limp and floppy. Getting him out of the bath, I pulled him by his wrists and sat him on the lavetory seat. I towelled him dry. I hoisted him over my shoulder, carried him into the room and laid him on the bed. I went over and took a closer look a him.

His face was slightly discolored (pinkish) and his eyes were half open. His face seemed to be slightly puffed and his lips (bluish) slightly parted... I turned him over on the bed and ran my fingers down the length of him... he was still warm to the touch. His wet hair left a mark on the pillow. I straightend him out (on his back) and pulled the sheets up to his chin..."

More later from this chapter.

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Thanks CJ, this guy went into a detailed narration of every moment of his kills (the ones he remembered). Too hot not to share, right? :)

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Yup, his descriptions are some of the hottest things I've reasd - keep posting!

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"I couldn't think what to do at all - at that stage. I was now feeling the full effects of a hangover. I pulled the sheets off the youth's body. I went to the wardrobe and took out some underwear and socks. I dressed the youth in the white t and socks and put back the sheets over him. I had a bath myself and got into bed with him. I held him close to me with my arms around him, and I began to remove his pants and explore his body under the sheets. (I had an erection all this time). When I tried to enter him my erection automatically subsided, I could feel that his body temperature was cooling. I got up and lifted him into my arms, laid him on the floor and covered him with an old curtain. I went back into bed and fell instantly asleep."

Nilesen slept soundly all that day. In the evening, he let the dog in, made himself something to eat and watched tv. The shrouded body was still lying on the floor. He determined that he would prise up some of the floorboards and put the body beneath them, but rigor mortis had set in and when he pushed the body under, feet first, it got stuck and he had to take it out again. He stood the body against the wall. "I heard somewhere that rigor mortis soon passes, so I could wait."

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"The next day he was still standing against the wall. I laid him on the floor and worked his limbs loose. I examinded him closely and systematically every part of him from his toes to his hair...I eased him into his new bed under the floor and covered him up. It was very cold under the floorboards. I replaced the floorboards and the carpet. I ripped up all his clothing and put it with his shoes into the trash. A week later I wondered if his body had changed at all or had started to decompose.
I disinterred him and pulled the dirt-stained youth up onto the floor. His skin was very dirty. I stripped myself naked and carried him into the bathroom and washed his body. There was practically no discoloration and he was a pale white. His limbs were more limp and relaxed than when I had put him down. I got him out of the bath and washed myself clean in the water.

I carried the still wet youth into the room and laid him on the carpet. Under the orange side-lights his body aroused me sexually. I knelt over him and masterbated on his bare stomach. Before I went to bed I suspended him by the ankles from the high wooden bed platform. He hung there all night, his fingers just touching the carpet.

The next day while he was still hanging there upside down I stood beside him and masterbated again. I wiped him off and took him down. I laid him on the kitchen floor and decided to cut him up, but I just couldn't do anything to spoil that marvellous body."

'Nilsen replaced the body under the floorboards, where it stayed unmolested for the next 7 1/2 months. On August 11 1979, he brought the body up and burnt it on a bonfire he had constructed the day before. It was not dismembered but wrapped in bags and tied with string...'

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It's beauty full and sad and wonder full and scary and intense. He still so alone. I can't remember. Did he really know very well any of the guys?
I think this book is in local library. I did read it. Or absorbed it.
Thanks for the excerpts.

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Some of them he got to be good friends with, but he killed them anyway. Most of them he didn't want to get to know too well, but the dude in this thread was a irish kid he drank with at a pub for a while, they got to know each other and the irish dude went home with him, where they drank more. Since it wasn't sexual, I think the irish "youth" as Nilsen calls him, was hetero, but enjoyed Nilsen's company. Both of them were alone at the pub before running into each other. If I woke up and saw that irish hot guy sleeping next to me like Nilsen did, I might think the same kinda thoughts but I would not act on them like he did. That's the difference between someone whose sane from someone whose insane.

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Assuming it works, here is a link: http://tinyurl.com/6x48nmj

This newspaper article discusses the identification of the first victim.

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Extremely hot! I haven't read it yet but I damn sure will! Thanks for turning me on to it! And thank God for wipe able keyboards!:horny::horny::horny::horny::horny:

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You're very welcome... Enjoy!

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Here are Nielsen's drawings of his victoms, from the published book.
http://thumbnails37.imagebam.com/12807/2c3de1128066356.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/2c3de1128066356) http://thumbnails26.imagebam.com/12807/a24e3f128066387.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a24e3f128066387) http://thumbnails26.imagebam.com/12807/4a1898128066409.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/4a1898128066409) http://thumbnails33.imagebam.com/12807/33b584128066425.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/33b584128066425)
Some of the most chillingly erotic material I've ever seen. Hellpup is right (#11) - hot fantasy, but way out of order to do it for real!

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i love it....