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Angel Lust
21-11-08, 02:00 PM
A man was found dead inside a van adapted as housing, in the Colony Square in Acuna, on the outskirts of the city.

The victim apparently died from hypothermia by the low temperatures, since they bore no traces of violence.

A man of about 40 years old, not yet identified, was found dead this morning by residents of that colony, the facts were recorded at 9:00 hours.

The body was semiacostado, according to witnesses, who gave notice to the authorities, who felt no closer to the scene because it was a natural death, only staff was Semefo who lifted the corpse to bring it to its facilities and thus determine the causes death.

The man allegedly slept in the interior of an old truck cab, which was adapted for home-room, which found the death.

If confirmed the death by hypothermia, it would be a victim of the emerging winter season, which reaches its most critical state in the months of December and January, when presenting the cases of death from causes related to weather ends of this region, such as poisoning, fire and hypothermia, among others.

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21-11-08, 02:06 PM