View Full Version : Europe Battared by Blizzard, Thunderstorms, Hurricane-force winds

21-11-08, 11:52 AM
Traffic is paralyzed in the Swiss Alps because of blizzard conditions while Germany and France are experiencing gale force winds and heavy snow.

In Eastern europe, particularly the Balkan region winds of up to 22 m/s snapped branches and tore off roofs.

In Sofia, winds of up to 20 m/s were recorded and blasted the city all Friday. Temperatures have risen sharply because of a tropical air mass sweeping in from Africa, up to 20'C, while several kilometres away its blowing a blizzard.

A large cyclone is dominating the weather over Europe, with arctic airmass streaming down over western Europe and a tropical airmass sweeping across eastern Europe. This has lead to summer temperatures in Eastern Europe, hurricane-force winds, blizzards, thunderstorms, heavy snow and even thundersnow in some places.