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12-02-10, 02:58 AM
im so confuse, i dedicated hole 4 years of my life studying graphic design, this is like my last semester but, although im very good, this is NOT really what i wanted to do, and i have to struggled with my psycho ex boyfriend who keeps following me everywear while im on campus u.u

what i really love is FASHION, since i was a litle girl, unfortunately there is no chance i can study this in my country... there is like no a carreer title for that in here... its so sad, i consider to earn a scholrship to anothet contry but its seams soo far away...

help me, should i stay, (it's the last semester after all) or should i go?

love you guys



12-02-10, 03:26 AM
Can you transfer to a US School? There are some good fashion industry schools here in NYC. It would be a shame to have to start over. What about finishing your studies and taking fashion as a graduate student in the U.S? I've worked with graphic designers and fashion students as well.
You can also intern in a fashion design company. I hope this helps.

12-02-10, 10:28 AM
Hi kit,

Don't quit in the last term - you are gonna regret it later. I know you are confused but four years of your life is a lot to just throw away and start over.

And with the global crisis still raging on it is vital that you manage to graduate and find a job if things get messy one day.

And as verlup said you can transfer to the US and study what you want later.

Best of luck with that.

And about the boyfriend - I am sure he does it because he loves you very much, don't be scared best to try to talk with him, go to a cafe and make your position clear to him.

Avoding him will only make his obsession worse.

Jesus I hope everything goes well for you.

14-02-10, 10:20 PM
thanks guys! i decided t continue after all, i wont throw this four years just like that, i actually talk about this with a teacher and he toldme that the japanese embassy here offers schoplarships to study in Japan, think i will aply for that....