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02-02-10, 06:38 PM
A Short Story Some May Enjoy


We lay together in each other's embrace, just like lovers always do, Two naked guys in the sand of a dry wash in Sonorra Mexico. We are face to face, my lips touching yours. One of your arms is over me, one of my arms under you. Your other arm is snaked down between us and your hand is holding my cock. My other arm reaches down and my hand holds your dick. We are both quite dead.

The storm the TV was warning about is nearly on us. Our bodies are still warm from the now hidden sun.

Cezar posed us this way to amuse himself. That was not the only thing he had done with us to amuse himself.

We had worked for Cezar for a couple months. We did errands for him, regular and drug trade errands. But mostly we worked for him by entertaining him. His wife was at there home in Mexico City, so he could play with pretty guys.

We got money, cocaine, and security. He got to watch us make love. What really pleased him was for one of us to play dead while the other did him. He would masturbate as we played.

Sometime he even took part. He had us suck his dick, which was huge. He'd suck us too, sometimes while we played dead.

He loved watching us engaged in anal sex, but he never even suggested doing our butts. He made jokes about his big dick. He was a good boss. Nice for a drug boss.

Two days before he had told us that we would have to move out of the house to the shack near the garage because his wife and daughter were coming home. He warned us not to ever let on what we had been doing. We agreed, Cezar was not a guy you would want angry at you.

This morning he must have been angry, or worried about our willingness to keep his secret.

Your dick was big in death and mine was small. That was not always the case, but we died differently. He punched me out cold and tossed my naked, unconcious form into the pool where I died breathing the water. You died harder, arms cuffed in the small of your back, rope pulled tight around your throat from behind, and with the big penis ripping into your ass. You were already dead when Cezar blew his hugh load into you. After resting for a while, he started to clean up the mess. Dirty blood and semen dripped from your ruined anus. But the death must not have been completely without pleasure. Your corpse had as nice an erection as it had ever had in life.

The ride in the trunk out into the desert was hot. We were tossed into a tangled heap. Our bodies were still limp when Cezar opened the trunk. He dragged me off of you and dropped me in the sand of the arroyo, then pulled you out and lay you beside me. After raping you he had had nothing for me before he loaded us up. Now the ride had recovered his lust.

He lay my body on the hood of the car and used his mouth on my poor limp dick. He got nothing, but liked it anyway. Tired of that, he lay you sideways over the hood and put me face down over you. This set him up to sodomize me while he put his mouth on you. That really got him rocking. His dick was as huge in me as it had been in you. He let go quickly; a man can only recover so much in a couple hours.

Then he built his little shrine of dead amigos. As he did he took pictures and video of us to remember us by. He even jacked off, but was too sore to do anything else.

As he drove away down the wash he wished he had brought something to wash away the jizm and blood on his hood. He hoped the rain would solve that problem.

The rain has cold, and cooled as it washed our bodies. The water was beginning to flow around us. Our bare toes touched, almost like the fingers of lovers hands. Around the corner of the channel a low wall of flood water boiled. We would only be together for a few more moments.

50 kilometers away Cezar could see the heavy rain had washed his hood clean of our presence.


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that was really good, thanks :load:

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That was a great story, very well written.

I love to read.