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NAUCALPAN, Mex., November 17 .- Two men between 35 and 45 years of age were executed by two bullets in the head and their bodies discovered early this morning, handcuffed by their hands backwards, blindfolded the eyes and covered with a blanket in the back seats of a car Bora, which was abandoned in streets of Ciudad Satellite.
Police authorities reported that the extinct so far as they are unknown and the only information that was given to them is that the former was an approximate age at 45 years old, 1.72 meters in height, complexion fair, eyes medium complexion white; regular nose, broken short black hair and wearing a beige pants, polo shirt with blue collar type with white horizontal stripes and not wearing underwear, socks or shoes.

The second deceased, they said, was about 35 years old, 1.85 meters in height, sturdy build, clear brown complexion, semipobladas eyebrows, long hair Lazio among American chestnut, regular nose, large mouth, thick lips and wearing only one pans blue Adidas brand, as well as identifiable features that had a tattoo on his right arm with the figure of a barbed wire.

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Angel Lust
18-11-08, 03:56 PM
With his head crushed by the wheels as a tortilla in a heavy truck garbage collector, died yesterday afternoon an individual who was engaged to sell popsicles, and was known by taxi drivers and microbuseros of Iztapalapa as El Tepiteņo.

The now deceased was about 25 years old, and his death occurred by a descudio himself, as it fell so ill in a minibus from 37 to the route that had been uploaded to deliver their goods.

Long time remained the corpse of the unfortunate young man in the asphalt, until they finally arrived the authorities of the public prosecutor to conduct the proceedings that the law and ordered the body moved to the amphitheater of demarcation, in order to be claimed by their relatives

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LOS REYES, LA PAZ, Mex., November 17 .- A man aged 35 was killed in a tragic, to be brutally hit by the driver of a car that was struck while trying to cross running traveled road for not using the pedestrian bridge.

While the unfortunate man was dead on the asphalt ribbon, the fast motorist fled without that so far nothing is known of his identity and possible whereabouts.
To learn of the tragic events, the staff of the ministry of public justice center in Los Reyes, was presented at the place where once held ministerial proceedings and ordered the removal of the corpse began the corresponding preliminary investigation by the homicide and thus turned the order of the Judicial Police investigation, so that the responsibility for these acts be identified and then arrested.

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Horrible death of a man found the elderly to be run over and dragged several meters by a truck, whose driver fled, so the authorities do not have firm data to determine its identity and arrest him.

This bloody and fatal accident happened around five in the morning yesterday at the Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza, at the height of the street Espejel Francisco, which is located opposite a base of peseros groups, in Colonia Moctezuma, First Section.

The now deceased, a man of about 70 years old, was yesterday as an unknown, since not carrying any documents from his clothes to make available to the authorities his identity.

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