View Full Version : Terrible Earthquake in Sofia 2 mins ago while I was browsing the forum

15-11-08, 08:22 PM
Its 22.15 here in Sofia and I was browsing the forum when all of a sudden my room started shaking and the walls...OMG the walls moved, I could see them. The whole building moved, its a huge apartment block.

All I could do was hold on to my desk and said, "OH God, please now".

I was home alone on the forth floor. :(

It wasn't long but people jumped on balconies and some even left their homes.

Its late but I could hear birds were disturbed too as they made noises and flew in the air.


I hate earthquakes. I am not scared but what I hate about them is they come with no warning and you have no time to react.

I was on the black sea when the 1999 earhtquake struck in Turkey.

It was violent shaking, long and poweful and I was 17 and this was the first earthquake in my life.

My sister got so shocked and scared she suffered some kind of stress disorder, she was just a kid then and she used to cling to mom and dad wherever they went for several months.

15-11-08, 08:26 PM
Is everything okay?

15-11-08, 08:30 PM
Not sure. They say it was strong.... I dunno man. No buildings collapsed in my area but its a big city.

There is still electricity and internetz.

Nasty planet, nasty universe.

Everything is so fragile. Phones were down :(