View Full Version : A classmate asked me if I'd want to fuck him

08-12-09, 06:46 AM
Well a young cute fit lean tall classmate who I never imagine he can be gay I may add... It was at the middle of class & he didn't say it quietly. I kept a straight face & said I rather suck an old granny's boob than his cock... Later when we chat I asked if he was really gay, he denied & tried to change the topic. I told him he is a sick human being & will never forgive if he ever bring that up again... He avoids me online from then on...

I really think he is gay now, but who knows if it's just a real big joke. Can anyone give me some advice?

08-12-09, 09:00 AM
blackworld, it's likely that he is wondering the same about you---whether he's gay or not. he made that request just to test you, to see if you are a gay or not.

or maybe he knows or suspects you are a gay, he tried to tease you by saying he want to have sex with you.

many possiblilities. but i don't think it matters whether he is gay or not. what matters is whether you have feeling for him or not. if you don't , then just blow him off, go on pretending with him you are straight.