View Full Version : The Netherlands officialy out of recession

13-11-09, 06:29 PM
Our bureau for economy and statistics released today that our country is out of the recession.

We had an economic growth of 0.75%, meaning that our economic shrinkage is over.

Consumers are spending more money, and we are all very happy that we are back on track!!

13-11-09, 06:36 PM
Congratulations....lucky you :(

13-11-09, 06:41 PM
You will get out of it eventually...

Otherwise just move out ;)

13-11-09, 06:45 PM
Easier set than done.

We are sinking deeper into recession, according to EU statistics.

Check this link please: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/afx/2009/11/13/afx7119239.html


13-11-09, 06:54 PM
That is not good news...

I hope the EU might intervene on behalf of Bulgaria...

Otherwise we might lose you as a member!!

13-11-09, 07:06 PM
The EU has a policy of not intervening in how individual countries are run.

I think we should have never been accepted in the first place. We will keep dragging the whole union down with our bad economy.

The European Union has given millions of euros to Bulgaria as fund but we have managed to utilize only 1% so far.

I am not sure for how long I will be able to stand that.

13-11-09, 08:00 PM
I have no answer...

If I had enough money Like Bill Gates, I would buy Bulgaria and reform it ;)

13-11-09, 08:02 PM
Just pray that you never come to this. It's hell.