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23-10-09, 12:53 PM
Directly from the office,Erik and his friend Steve went to Erik's house to drink some beer. Steve became too drunk so he excused himself to pee.after 2 hours Erik noticed that his friend haven't come back yet from the bathroom so he knocked the door still no answer so he decided to open the door and he was shocked and amazed of what he saw... he saw Steve lying on the floor with his fly open.
Erik became horny and decided to lay steve on the couch and make a little inspecting.Steve was already dead, already pale he then started to caress the view of his friend's handsome and limp dead body he then licked the head of Steve's cock and it felt cold but Erik loved it. at first Erik was thinking to call an ambulance to see if they can still revive Steve but he also thought that it was no more needed because Steve is already dead and because if Steve lives Erik cannot do whatever he wants to do with Steve. Erik slowly stripped Steve from his suit and Steve's body was sexy so the horny feeling became tripled. Erik had Steve on his bed for a day and Erik put steve on his walk-in freezer.
with picture:

sorry for my bad english

23-10-09, 01:19 PM
Derek was invited by John to his apartment where he made dinner, Derek didn't know that John put some poison on Derek's drink so after half a minute Derek fell on the floor dead, John was ready so he took his video camera and recorded everything he did to Derek. first he put Derek on the sofa he felt a bulge on Derek's pants so he checked what was that. John opened Derek's fly and slowly played with Derek's dick then he took of Derek's shiny shoes then he smelled the aroma of Derek's feet.John was shocked when something white squirted from Derek's dick.it was cum,a bucketful of it. so John thought Derek was still alive so he opened Derek's mouth and he poured all the remaining liquid from the poison bottle then Derek stopped cumming he then injected formalin on derek's body. during night John plays with Derek in Johns king sized bed and during day he puts derek inside his walk-in refrigerator where john always has time to change Derek's clothes.during Monday:black v-neck shirt,black silk boxers and black socks.tuesday:white shirt, boxers, and black socks. wednesday;black tanktop and boxer briefs.Thursday;black briefs and colored shirts.friday,saturday,sundays: different kinds,styles,colors,patterns of suits and tuxedos with black dress socks and different black dress shoes.

25-10-09, 01:26 AM
great fantasy
I have the same but I want to be those who are invited home and burn on a beer with poison and then I'm full of his power
and he gave me farmolinom in freezer
(sorry for bad English, I speak Russian and German)

25-10-09, 01:56 AM
me also I am bad in english.

11-11-09, 05:53 PM
Thanks. I have similar fantasies. Of course! Look where i am!

19-11-09, 11:41 AM
"... The two" guards "associated drags me into the room and placed on a metal table.
Looking around I realized that I was in a room similar to the operating
The room is a strange, foul odor.
In the center of the room at the same metal table is tied to the desk guy (I knew him we were brought along with him here). I tried to ask about something but realized he had jumped zakleet mouth and he just mumbles something. He wore no clothes, except for swimming trunks. The cell
cool, I from the cold, because I am the same in the same bathing suit ... but the more I worry about other things. Why am I here? Who and what section guy and put him on the table? For what purpose? More than we care about the following. What us
will do? Quit Are we in this chamber alive? We anxiously
inspect the premises and each other.
I inspected a box under the table on which lay a guy, I notice that most of them are empty but with horror I noticed some of them are filled with man. intestines and other viscera learned something from the abdomen. So that's where the smell. This means that people do not just kill and kill, but gutting, taking out their innards. As
At this point, creaking open the door and thick solid composed
Two huge mordovorota. They are huge. They wear rubber gloves and gloves
aprons. They come to the table with the tools and begin to pick them.
The guy looks at them with wide-open eyes in horror, my heart
it starts from the fear stronger pound. Looking at them, I
missing all doubts about the future lying on the table, guy, and me. I'm beginning to understand the purpose of tools lying on a small table, a table with a bound guy.
These scalpels, saws, and knives are designed for eviscerating bodies. And another table with the tools with standing at the other end of the hall is designed to put him
ME! Me the same will be cut!
"We both (I kid!) Is not getting out alive - I guess
I - now these butchers would kill us, using all these
tools. They will cut and tear us apart, our insides. " I looked at the guy, his eyes as wide open with horror, and I understand that he was thinking the same thing.
Butchers, sorting tools, chuckling. They see our fear
and confusion, but did not have us any pity. We,
listening to their conversation, we learn that their job is to
evisceration of human bodies, but what we did not understand.
Also, we learn that these butchers - notorious sadists, and they receive
great pleasure from their work. Rupturing and evisceration somebody's body. They are
like their work, and looking at our naked bodies, they can not wait
quickly to begin with.
After examination and preparation tools, cutting and battering
flesh, butchers suited to the guy at the table and injected
him something in the vein, from which he falls into pousonnoe condition and I understand that his body is numb and partially lose their sensitivity.
They explain to him that want to torture him a little longer and injected a drug that partially lost sensitivity, the guy could not longer withstand the pain, being in mind.
Panic of fear, he begins to escape, but his body under destviem drug does not listen and he calms down on a cutting table. Well then ... ..
One of the butchers suits, smiling, to the guy and puts him in the mouth with hose and begin to push through it in the throat quite deep
Once it starts to pour water into it.
Water enters the stomach, filling the peritoneum. His stomach, before
drawn into himself, begins to slowly gain form. He becomes
rounded, the skin begins to stretch and strains, the volume of the stomach
becomes larger. His eyes widened in horror, he realizes that
is in their full power, and nobody can save him from this
bullying, and they can pour it in water, until then, until he
burst. Yes, until you burst, and I understand it, and I am afraid.
I lie and watch dials volume belly guy and suddenly find myself thinking,
that, despite all the horror of his situation, I really want
look at how naduetsya to limit his stomach, and how it burst.
Yes, before I die I'd like to see how his stomach would burst, and
as the scatter around the interior room. And butchers continue
pour the water. And stomach swells to enormous size.
The skin on it tight as a drum. His eyes bulging with horror guy. And horror
He briefly falls into a state of shock. They take pictures of the guy making the picture from different perspectives: photographed from a distance, I took the lens completely
as well as from close angles, photographing only his bloated up
incredible size womb. Then one of them takes a large knife and slowly, grinning mischievously,
suited to the guy. The victim, lying with a huge inflated belly, looking at him,
eyes full of horror. He approaches and brandishing a knife, preparing
plunge it into the inflated abdomen. The guy is not even the screams of horror that just whispering.
At this point, he stops to wipe over the stomach with a knife and enjoys
terror victims. I, despite a state of shock, in which I was, looking forward to dipping the knife in his belly. And.
P-p-times. The sharp movement of the knife, and he quickly enters the stomach in
the umbilicus. A-and-a-x - shudders kid. Butcher quickly removes
reddened by the blood from the abdomen and a knife - p-r-times - quickly causes
following a knife attack. The expected explosion of my stomach did not happen.
But the amount he began to lose. The knife penetrated the intestine apparently struck a guy and fluid began to come out mixed with blood zhizhoy, reducing the amount before the uncanny bulging belly. The guy groaned in pain and shock. Then
second he took a butcher knife and slowly ripped the guy from the groin to the abdomen of the solar plexus. In this case the victim had not even moan .... Man apparently fell into a trance. A butcher cuts his stomach and was pleased to look at vyvalivshis intestine. Then, they took a few photos ripped open guy started to get the interior of the stomach.
Intestines, stomach, liver, spleen. All the bodies are neatly sorted and
laid out in different boxes. When they got the heart, the guy was probably bezsoznanie he had already breathed his last.
They are then washed free from offal stomach and chest boys
and began to embalm the body of a guy rubbing him with some chemicals and the whole body obkalyvaya syringe with the same solution, then they stuffed belly guy wool and stitched his stomach.
After they finished with the guy they went in my direction ... ... ... what awaits me, I already know ... ... ... ....

28-02-11, 08:26 AM
great story, think similar